UP ‘N’ COMING (1983) 86 Minutes.
p/d – Godfrey Daniels. Cast: Marilyn Chambers, Lisa DeLeeuw, Herschel Savage,
Richard Pacheco, Loni Sanders, Cody Nicole, Lili Marlene, Tina Marie, Tom Byron,
Steven Douglas, John Lazar, Paul Baressi, Clay Tanning, Brandy, Monique and John
C. Holmes.

This was Marilyn’s first explicit film since the blockbuster INSATIABLE and an attempt
to compare the two would be to compare apples and oranges. Here Marilyn stars as Cassie
Harland, a rising young country singer in the bitchy world of Nashville music. The primary
interest for fans in any Chambers’ vehicle is her incredible sexual virtuosity and there is no
shortage of that.

Lisa’s performance as the fading superstar hag Althea Anderson is pure Hollywood material
and was deserving of an award from the AFAA — ah, politics. The final scene, which was
the first appearance of Holmes following his release from jail, contains a four-way situation
that has never been seen before. Chambers and Lili Marlene eat each other as Herschel
and John perform anal sex simultaneously on the ladies. Since CHARLI, I no longer review
Godfrey Daniels films (more critics should avoid that conflict of interest problem) since I
serve as a consultant for him from time to time. But hard to please critic Bill Margold gave
this film a rave review.

To answer the people that have inquired, and you have to be a true fan to even notice,
the voice over disc jockey stuff was done by former DJ Jim Holliday and the writing credit
is one of only five films where this author’s name appears — even though I have been
involved with many productions, 1 avoid credit rather than encourage it. But this is Marilyn’s
movie, so enjoy it and appreciate the brilliant tunes actually sung by Marilyn and the incredible
lip-sync done by Lisa.