EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY (1984) 90 Minutes,
p – Sandra Winters, d – Edwin Brown. Cast: Rachel Ashley, John Leslie, Kristara
Barrington, Erica Boyer, Martina, Lisa Lake, Shantell Day, Robert Byrne, Blake Palmer
and David Morris.

Just when I was about ready to pack it in .. . just at the time gloom was setting in and
a sense of foreboding crept into my mind that a golden age was not merely fading but
heading toward oblivion . . . just when I felt that classic adult films had given way to shot
on video garbage and the few feature films were couples oriented (which is fine) but devoid
of the passion of the films I longed to see again … just when packaging and marketing
seemed to replace artistry and concern for the project . . . just when I began to feel that
perhaps I could no longer recognize superlative erotica — only the hint of a doubt came
for I still had faith in my own judgement. Even as some critics raved about stuff that looked
good, I knew it was routine to empty on the erotic gauge … just at the edge of total despair,
along came EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY. Redemption. Then caution. Double check.
Triple check. No, I’m right — this is one of the 10 best adult films ever made and the ultimate
‘couples’ film that we had been waiting for.

Thank you, Sandra and Edwin (and your friends Summer and Eddie) for showing that a
golden age classic could still be made. Rachel Ashley (career performance plus) and John
Leslie (one of his three best) equal any screen couple for that elusive element of chemistry
Ben (John) becomes intrigued with the female coffee (wine) klatsch that wife Terri (Rachel)
attends. His interest grows to obsession as he progresses from listening to his wife in bed
to having her tape record a session to hiding in the closet as an eye and ear peeper to
demanding that he be in the same room with the group. To accomplish that, he does a
TOOTSIE and dresses in drag as Terri’s out of town cousin. John pulls it off so deftly.
The fantasies the ladies tell one another provide the sex scenes, and do not be deceived
into thinking they are soft on sex — this is a film that has universal appeal. Women tell me
it’s sensitive and men tell me it’s downright hot. They use different terms to describe what
universal erotic sex is all about. The dialog is racy and sexy as opposed to foul or dirty
The group includes Erica, Kristara (as Connie Chu, the famous newscaster), Lisa and
Shantell. The best scene is Rachel’s hotel room fantasy with herself, Martina and Robert Byrne.
Usually a comparison of porn stars to Tracy and Hepburn is a ridiculous exercise in
journalistic license, but John and Rachel come as close as the adult world ever will. This
one drips and oozes with eroticism at times, but mostly it simply shines. Anyone who can’t
appreciate EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY has no ability for evaluating adult cinema.