SUZIE SUPERSTAR (1983) 87 Minutes.
p – Sam Norvell, d – Robert McCallum. Cast: Shauna Grant, John Leslie, Tara Aire,
Laura Lazare, Ron Jeremy, Sharon Mitchell, Gayle Sterling, Laurie Smith, Joey Silvera,
Jon Martin, Mai Lin, Tigr, Tara Aire and Ross Roberts.

Shauna Grant plays rising rock singer Suzie Mitchell, on the verge of superstardom
but under the control of nasty manager Z.W. McCain, played by John Leslie. Their love/hate
relationship is the catalyst, but like all good McCallum films, there is an unusual entity thrown
in to take the plot off course before tying the whole thing up in quite the nicest way. In this
case it involves a special side concert for a mysterious mob guy named Loducca.

Another perfect film for chauvinists who are pure girlie watchers, but there Is enough story
and production and erotic (rather than raunchy) sex to appeal to women also. Shauna looks
sensational and shows some ability as an actress in what will be regarded as her career
performance. Her acting was not what packed theaters. Laura (there is no prettier face in
the whole business) Lazare, Laurie and Gayle have developed cult followings. Laura plays
the mob figure’s off limits (but not to Leslie) daughter. Laurie and Gayle are perfect as bimbo
groupies. In fact, Sterling is the essence of sexuality and the consummate porn slut. That
is meant as a high compliment, because when she’s not on camera, she reads books on
the set that would choke many college graduates. The woman is really intelligent and you
would not think so based upon her film roles.

Ron Jeremy is as cornball as ever in his award winning turn as the idiot henchman Raoul.
Tigr has a cameo in Suzie’s backing band, which also features Joey and Jon.
Joey’s scene with Shauna is tender and contrasts with John and Laura in the water Splendid
fluffy raunch with a superior country tune by Sharon Mitchell that is among the all time best