UNTAMED (1978) 81 Minutes

p – Harold Lime, d – Ramsey Karson. Cast: Kay Parker, Paul Thomas, Nancy Hoffman,
Abigail Clayton, Kristine Heller, Stacy Evans, Christine Kelly, Sandi Pinney, Sharon
Thorpe, Jon Martin, John Seeman and John Rolling. John Leslie and Ken Scudder
are not in the film.

An unsung erotic triumph. This early explicit Harold Lime film is one of those hidden
gems of adult cinema that has never received its proper credit. In my personal opinion, it
may be second only to THE ECSTASY GIRLS and the equal of DESIRES compared to all
of the films he has produced. It is a cross between a loop-carrier and a vignette film, with
a nice bridge to glue the sex scenes together to make sense.

Paul Thomas plays Mike Slammer, a private eye author in the Mickey Spillane tradition,
being interviewed by writer Kay Parker. He recounts some of his more interesting cases
which lead to the steamy sex scenes. The film is a gold mine for fans of the finest, most
unsung San Francisco actresses to show their stuff. Adult film buffs will consider Abigail,
Nancy, Kristine, Christine, Sharon, Sandi and Kay to be high on their list of people to enjoy.
The sex scenes run the full range from high-classed erotica to some great raunch, and
in this type of film, there is usually something for everyone. The appeal should be universal,
so store the title away for a rainy night and really enjoy the film should you get a chance
to see it.

Newcomers should use this film as a guide to help with identification of these West Coast
people for other films. The dinner table scene involves Kristine, Stacy and Jon Martin.
Abigail and John Seeman are May and December, the poetic justice (pool lesbian) features
Christine Kelly and Sandi Pinney with John Rolling as the husband. Sharon and Nancy, if
you don’t know them by now, are the bondage scene. Paul and Kay do their handcuffed
hunching at the end.