Directed by C.C. Williams; starring Lois Ayres, Peter North, Sharon Mitchell, Randy West, Angel Kelly, Gail Force, Krista Lane and Jesse Eastern. Videocassette by Video.

Load Warriors is a rarity in these days of low-budget, no-imagination smut: a fuck flick that would deliver sleazy kicks even without the sex. Load’s post-civilization storyline can be followed and completes itself, its desert-junkyard sets have an appealing, cheesy. Hills Have Eyes ambiance, and the characterizations and dialogue (such as Sharon Mitchell and Angel Kelly as apocalyptic harpies) transcend the current delivery-boy-screws-housewife conventions. Due to Warrior’s ‘pacing and consistency of imaginative illusions, viewers may fail to notice that some of the sex (particularly the big-production fucks in what looks like the interior of the Manson-family bus) is poorly lit and not always stroke-worthy.