Directed by Britt Morgan and Jace Rocker. Starring Britt Morgan, Megan Leigh, Brittany, Jeanna Fine, Tianna, Krystina King and Madison. Videocassette: Pleasure Productions

Anyone who’s ever suspected that chicks were at least as low-down, nasty and filth-obsessed sexually as men, if not more so, will have that hunch verified in Jail Babes. Directress/pussy-sucker Britt Morgan, who amply overcomes any shortfalls in her comeliness quotient with a surplus of gutsy, slutty enthusiasm, calls the shots in this all-girl grope-and-poke fest, and she calls them just link any testosterone-saturated, libidinally imaginative dude would. Black-haired labe-bully Jeanna Fine, trim quim Tianna, schoolgirl blonde Krystina Kin, sleaze sprite Madison, a very much alive lascivious Megan Leigh – each outshines Morgan in bare good-looks, and all are brilliantly sexy under her high-watt twat direction. Jail Babes will get an early release with it’s bad behavior.