Directed by John Stagliano. Cast: Sunny McKay, Zara Whites, Joy Karlns, Veronica Dol, Natalie Streb, Noelle Budvar, Rocco Siffredi, Christoph Clark, Phillip, John Stagliano. From: Evil Angel

In the past few years, John Stagliano has turned the tired and boring porn industry on its ears with some of the most inspired and erotic fuck film footage, all based on his voyeuristic approach to adult films. His Butt- man character travels the world in search of gorgeous female bottoms to exploit for erotic entertainment fans.

He has used his hand-held technique to great advantage, making his sex vids so interesting. It makes it fast-forwarding unnecessary. The camera travels everywhere the horny man’s eyes would take him, and Buttman has turned the habit of peeping in- to high hardcore art. His latest angle, is to travel the world as “Buttman” and In this rocket to rigidity, Stagliano heads over to Cannes, Holland, and France finding his good friend Dario (Rocco) and some old and new friends who perform for and with our roving pornographer

The formula certainly works and Stagliano is developing his technique with each new release. The hand-held, Hi-8 camera he uses glides effortlessly to all the right places and we get an erotic jolt watching his scenes played out. Never, I repeat never fast- forward a John Stagliano feature. You’ll miss all the horny nuances that make his product stand out In a field of fuck flick frauds.

The opening pick up of Silver by Rocco, and their eventual smoking sex scene back in the hotel room is fiery and the Dutch dish is obviously turned on to the hottest stud in the world.

A red hot three-way follows with French porn queen Joy Karins getting down for the camera before being joined by a hot and horny couple who get into some dirty ass- fucking for Buttman.

The prettiest girl of the tape, and right up there in the Horny Bitch finals, Noelle from Hungary is truly hungry for dick. She gets plenty from Christoph Clark and Buttman takes in every lovely angle of her lusty body.

Sunny McKay pops up for some reaming, pussy-fucking and cock-sucking with a very turned-on Rocco, who gets an assist from John, always eager to stick his cock in a waiting mouth or hole.

John heads over to Amsterdam and meets Veronica Dol, who has an eighteen-year-old nymph from Rotterdam, named Debbie do a wondrous girl-girl scene for the camera of Stagliano. It’s drawn out and the women are poured over like an important piece of evidence.

The dirty documentation hits a high mark when Rocco, picks up Zara and Silver and takes them back for some glorious, turned on fucking that Buttman shoots like dRenzy, framing two pussies and a cock, and alternately hardcore Insertions with more flesh in the background when Rocco pulls back. It’s porn poetry, a real erotic statement in the video world.

Each scene Is as special and different as the women, and the Rocco, Zara and Silver three-way is our choice for Best Sex Scene of the year for 1991. Two hours of non-stop, state of the art, high voltage hardcore. Get it.