MANEATERS (1983) 79 Minutes.
d – F.J. Lincoln. Cast: Joey Silvera, Kelly Nichols, Joanna Storm, Tiffany Clark, Shauna
Grant, Jeanne Silver, Tish Ambrose, Sharon Mitchell, Alexis X, George Payne, Alan
Adrian and F.J. Lincoln.

Truly a tour de force for the long unsung Joey Silvera. He plays an attorney who
discovers himself thigh high in sex bunnies after wife Kelly Nichols goes out of town to visit
her sick mummy. He treats Kelly like a saint but has a darker, more sinister side when it
comes to extramarital relationships with other women. For girl watchers, there are Kelly,
Shauna Grant, hooker Jeanne Silver and the dynamic duo of dizzy Joanna Storm and
Tiffany Clark. DELIVERANCE offered ‘dueling banjoes’ but MANEATERS has Joanna and
Tiffany as veritable ‘gobbling bimbos’.

Sensational sex in the traditional sex film mode with a solid story, highlighted by the acting
of Joey and Kelly Nichols. If she is not the premier actress of the ’80s adult films, then who
is? An adult film experience that comes very highly recommended and for what it is worth,
MANEATERS was also accorded Hustler’s Highest Full Erection rating. No question that it
is deserving. A bookcase film to go with SEXCAPADES. I use the Hustler rating as a security
blanket of sorts, since many people thought I had gone over the edge and they (store
owners and fans) wondered why I enjoyed it so much. Hey, there is always room for throwback
films that sparkle with raunchy sex. They beat unerotic but totally lavish productions.