SEXCAPADES (1983) 85 Minutes.
p – David Stone, w/d – Henri Pachard. Cast: Eric Edwards, Lee Caroll, Sharon Mitchell,
Sharon Kane, Joanna Storm, Tiffany Clark, Mai Lin, George Payne, Alan Adrian,
Michael Bruce, Tony Santino, Ashley Welles, Jeffrey Wallach and Candida Royalle.

This is one hot New York sex film, jammed with plenty of pretty people and made with
no let up on superb action. Eric Edwards plays porno film director Harry Crocker, turned
artsy filmmaker trying to make a comeback after seven years. Sharon Mitchell plays Miriam,
the wife who does not want him to make the film, let alone in their house. The premise
involves good comedy opportunity and the pitfalls of making the film, with heavy emphasis
on male/female couplings, provides the sexual set-ups.

Not to be missed are the scenes between George Payne and Tiffany Clark and the
raunchy and very intense lesbian encounter between producer Lee Caroll and aspiring
actress Sharon Kane that ends with a dirty talking dildo anal. Sharon’s answer to the inquiry
about does she do anal is a crisp, “if the script justifies it,” which says it all. The real world
doesn’t even know how much they are being lampooned. Joanna is always special and
opens the proceedings by auditioning with Spike Adrian.

Pachard is arguably the best director of the eighties, but sometimes doesn’t seem to care
with his Jackson St. Louis disasters. But when Ron in On, he can crank porn with the
intensity of Radley Metzger. Interestingly, he tied for best films with the East Coast Critics
— DEVIL II and SEXCAPADES. The former is the better film but SEXCAPADES is the
hotter, more erotic entry. It’s also a solid showcase for veteran underappreciated legends
Edwards and Miss Mitchell, possessor of the best ass in the business.