HOT DREAMS (1983) 85 Minutes.
ep – David Stone, ph – Art Ben, w/p/d – Warren Evans. Cast: Sharon Mitchell, Michael
Bruce, Anna Ventura, Sharon Kane, Tiffany Clark, Joanna Storm, Jamie Gillis, Marlene
Willoughby, George Payne, Ashley Moore, Alan Adrian, Joe Santini, Dave Ruby, Gor
don O. Duvall, Robin Sane, Ginger Jaye, Kenny Dee and John Christopher.

Superior stuff from Warren Evans in the throwback tradition of PASSIONS OF CAROL.
Sharon Mitchell is married to Michael Bruce and has all kinds of flashes to sexual fantasies
constantly ruining her train of reality thought. That’s the storyline, and superior sex mixed
with splendid production is what follows. Enough said — I give this film a superior rating.
Recommended for anyone over the years who has never (or maybe just once or twice if
you are a heavy collector) been disappointed by my key recommendations.

People who enjoy group sex (not orgy but group, meaning 3 to six per scene) but find
films with lots of group action impossible to come by — this is your ticket. People who like
sensually sumptuous sex (I once called Warren Evans the man who can almost overproduce
a film) set in lavishly photographed settings are going to flip. The appeal is universal, and
this is one of the very rare examples of a film that I missed seeing the year it was released.
It’s worth catching up with.

The film begins with Sharon and Michael in bed. Group scenes include Jamie, Sharon,
Michael, Marlene and Alan ‘Spike’ Adrian in the dinner 5 way; Anna, Joanna and Sharon
at the spa with Kenny, Ginger and Robin also involved; Sharon, Sharon, Michael and Ashley
on the boat with the New York skyline in the background of a scene that is all time material.
Finally Evans has equaled the forever erotic sex he used to shoot and combined it with
the production superiority he later mastered.