OCTOBER SILK (1980) 76 Minutes.
p – Cecil Howard, w/d – Henri Pachard. Cast: Samantha Fox, Abigail Clayton, Lisa
DeLeeuw, Christine deShaffer, Christie Ford, Arcadia Lake, Merle Michaels, Gloria
Leonard, Tara Alexander, Bobby Astyr, Eric Edwards, Jesse Adams, George Payne,
Biff Parker, Candida Royalle, Dave Ruby and Jake League.

Lovers of lingerie who never get their special wishes granted in sex flicks should have
a field day. I know these people exist in large numbers by the flood of calls over the years.
OCTOBER SILK is a very polished vignette film that examines a day in the life of several
different people. The central focus is Gloria’s Boutique, where folks purchase various gar
ments and gadgets for sexual usage.

The one thing a vignette film must do is supply great sex scenes and this film more than
accomplishes that task. Unlike a loop-carrier (which continuously stays with one sex scene
at a time) a vignette film offers a chance to cut away periodically if the filmmaker and editor
so choose.

Among the many exceptional scenes are Samantha Fox with Jesse Adams, Lisa DeLeuuw
in traction with maid Arcadia Lake, the anal scene with Bobby Astyr and Chris, two teenies
(Christie and Merle) in a teasing scene with older Jake Teague, and the four way sexual
surrogate scene with Candida and Tara helping married couple Eric and Abigail. OCTOBER
SILK is well packaged adult entertainment that delivers. Too much slurping on the audio
track is the only complaint.