p – Howard A. Howard, d – Annie Sprinkle. Cast: Annie Sprinkle, Ron Jeremy, Ron
Hudd, Heather Young, Jake league, Buddy and Bunny Hutton, Lisa Be, l\/lichael Gaunt,
Mike Filene, Judy Bilodeau, Mai O’Ree, Barbara Miller, Bobby Soccie, Sheila Jones
and Sassy.

This is the fourth of the Evart Profile films and they have it down to a science. The star
here, Annie Sprinkle, is one of the kinkiest, horniest women ever to grace the adult screen.
She is a winsome free spirit with a very engaging way to talking to the audience. Of all the
insider films ever made, this is probably closer to the truth than you are likely to come.
Annie tells of her childhood, gives her real name (Ellen) and shows pictures of herself,
family and friends while growing up.

She discusses her philosophy of sex quite openly, while leading into the various action
scenes. Most effective are the seven girl slumber party, her preference for back door sex
over oral sex, the footage in the adult theater where she services the crown, and the old
fashioned lovemaking ending with Ron Hudd. The scene for which Annie got her name,
sprinkling people with love, is now cut on the video version. She really only did that in 3

This is probably the second best produced of the series, it is clearly the best paced and moves much quicker than the others, and in many ways is the most enjoyable. But it all depends heavily on the persona of the star as to whether the public agrees. Most astute observers prefer this film to all other profile pictures.