INSIDE SEKA (1980) 96 Minutes.
p – Howard A. Howard, d – Seka and Ken Yontz. Cast: Seka, Ken Yontz, Christie Ford,
Merle Michaels, Ron Jeremy, Ron Hudd, Roy Stuart, Bobbie Burns, Dave
Ruby, George Payne, C. More Ashley, Marc Valentine, Tara Mann and Portia.

The third Evart Enterprises profile picture is clearly the worst of the series. It must be
included for two reasons. The powerful commercial appeal of the star has made it a huge
seller, much in the manner of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS. Secondly, just because it is the
least effective of the series does not mean it is that bad a film. Production values are high
and Seka, billed as the Marilyn Monroe of Porn, is one hot sexual performer. She attacks
sex, relishes the act, and comes across on screen as completely sincere in her love for lust.

The happenings are re-creations of supposedly real events and knowing Seka, it’s hard
to doubt their validity. She and Ken, the once Barbie and Ken of adult films, use the finest
East Coast talent to illustrate their liberated, swinging life style. The film ends with a statement
of their love, but unfortunately, they have since broke up. The theme song was considered
for record release, but fortunately never made the air waves. Again, these films depend on
the appeal of the star, and no one can question for a minute that Seka has a huge following
of fans. You may or may not be one of them.