Directed by Gregory Dark; starring Madison, Savannah, Sandra Scream, Danielle Rogers, Ashley Nicole, Jamie Leigh, Patricia Kennedy Cameo, Rayne, Amanda Stone, Peter North, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, 11 Boy Randy West, Tony Montana, Tom Chapman and Randy Spears.

Some people didn’t like the Dark Brothers the first time around. Prudes, retards, bores, the competition. These some people won’t like director Gregory Dark’s salient brand of slime any better in New Wave Hookers 2, which is good news for the rest of us. From Madison’s opening back-to-back squack attacks (the spritely mite takes Peter North’s copious load in hand and rubs it info her face, neck and chest in preparation for diving upon a second schwanz) to the oral/vaginal/anal triple-plugger finale. Hookers 2 delivers the sleaze, feminine variety and pointed absurdity that Dark Brothers detractors have come to expect and loathe. Disparaging minds will cringe at the twitch of Savannah’s sweetly flexing buttocks, wince as Randy Spears sucks Danielle Rogers’s sugary pussy inside out, and psychically vomit at the spectacle of five swollen-dicked Neanderthals using Ashley Nicole as a cum wipe. Viewing New Wave Hookers 2 requires either one barf bag or two boxes of Kleenex.