Written, Produced and Directed by John Stagliano. Cast: Julianne James, Angela Summers, Patricia Kennedy, Candice, Jeanna Fine, Christie Keith, K.C. Williams, Tamara Lee, Joey Silvera, John Stagliano, Sean Michaels, T.T. Boy. From: Evil Angel Video

Fans of erotic films rejoice. John Stagliano is keeping the integrity of the porn medium intact with this, his most daring feature made to date. With over 40,000 feet of 35mm film stock and a full week of shooting. Wild Goose Chase is the consummate erotic film. Never having launched a production other than on video, people didn’t expect much from “Buttman.” He has carved a permanent place in erotica as the savior of sleaze in sex vids, but nobody, least of all Stagliano himself, ever predicted this kind of film would be created the first time around.

A resounding success on every level. Wild Goose Chase presents sex in the most natural and real situations imaginable. True to Stagliano’s style, we open with some wonderfully voyeuristic footage that follows the body and body parts of Julianne James into a strange sex toy boutique in Hollywood. There a hand comes into frame and gooses her and she responds with an expression as telling as a green light at a busy intersection. This is where the tone of the film is set, in grand and indulgent camera angles that are as close to the mind’s eye of a man as imaginable. The cornerstone of Stagliano’s camera technique is his willingness to stay on a shot till it becomes a fixating object of desire. Or if it already is, then he pores over the subject with a prurient peeping eye. Like in all great sexual encounters, this means the focal point may indeed by the crease in a woman’s ass as it clenches a cock in her cunt. By knowing where to point the camera and edit the footage, Stagliano has come as close as one can to recreating the feeling of having sex by just watching. His other features have touched on this, and delivered it resoundingly in Buttman’s Ultimate Workout, but this is indeed a crowning achievement, because he does it so perfectly on 35mm film for over 2 hours straight.

The story centers on the pursuit of Julianne James by private detective Joey Silvera who has been hired by a desperate mother to find her errant daughter Silvera is taken by the photo he is given but has a slight detour when his secretary (Angela Summers) hits him up for a raise. As tired as the premise seems, her exuberant spirit and Silvera’s obvious attraction to her makes this one of the hottest scenes in this, “8 Sex Scenes—All Winners!” feature.

Silvera heads over to a gym where Randy West is directing cat fight videos. Bruce Seven is cut in a cameo as a video tech, but the real kicker here is how Stagliano incorporates cat fighting into a sex film. Christie Keith and Patricia Kennedy go on the mat in a surprisingly real battle of the broads. Then we follow Joey into the ring when no other males turn up and he get tossed around by Champagne. Delta Force and K.C. Williams follow up with a frenzied foray of fists, kicks and tits. This beguiling but welcome detour proves very entertaining and really adds to the development of the plot. The girls celebrate their success with champagne and a three-way sexual pile-on with Randy West the lucky male. Patricia, Champagne and K.C. lick fuck and suck their way across every exposed genital area and West delivers a saucy seed spill after showing considerable restraint during the ultra-hot session.

Knocked out at the end of his match, Silvera wakes and finds himself nose to butt with the vision of Julianne James. It further intensifies his lust for her He heads over to the home of the owner of the boutique where James was last sighted and stumbles in on photo session in progress with blonde cutie Candice. We discover that Stagliano is the photographer calling the shots, and using Tamara Lee as a lap top lust inducer Silvera sweats bullets as Stagliano, in his most cool and casually confident appearance ever draws Joey into his world where big, round asses and female body worship dominate. As Silvera tries to stay cool and removed, Lee becomes too much to ignore for both of them and they both share in her ample charms. Meanwhile, Candice and her boyfriend/modeling partner fuck in the next room. Though a minor scene, she has a compelling set of dimples high up on her ass that dimple when she takes the full length of an erect penis in her pussy while in a doggy style position. It becomes a magical moment that is truly unforgettable and outrageously erotic.

Randy West, who is controlled by a mysterious and domineering person from off camera, tips the police to some illegal business, setting up Silvera in the process. Sean Michaels and T.T. Boy are the vice cops who stumble on Jeanna Fine at the gym and proceed to fuck some details out of her Fine, her at her most unrestrained ever, is deserving of a place in erotic history for her performance as a “sex freak” who wants it any way she can get it, and always seems to be in complete control of a sexual moment, even when faced with two erect cocks vying for her attention. She puts the boys through some monstrous deep-throat action, replete with spitting and sloppy slurping that extracts from T.T. Boy his best sexual performance on record with back-to-back cum shots. Truly another classic scene in this film.

Silvera, meanwhile falls into a trap when he gets horny for more ring action and talks his way into another bout. This time it turns into sex with the plain, but pure and horny Christie Keith. All the while, he is still consumed by his obsession with Julianne James and it gets him in hot water aplenty. I won’t divulge the twist ending, but Silvera does get the girl in a scorching finale fuck by the side of a swimming pool that is a delicious desert to this nearly perfect sex film.

There are some gaffes in the editing, the footage gets grainy at times, but Wild Coose Chase is a non-stop sex film classic that delivers hours and hours of erotic pleasure. I have said in the past that Stagliano is the future of porno because he has so expertly strayed from the linear narrative and concentrated on the pure hardcore and tease elements. Here, we are treated to an intriguing story that still reaches beyond the proscribed boundaries of porn and makes the kind of adult film we all have played in our imaginations over and over again. Now, the fantasy has become reality and Stagliano has joined the ranks of porn’s legendary directors. Count among them, John Stagliano. And add Wild Goose Chase to the list of the Top Ten X-Rated films of all time.