Directed by Paul Thomas; starring Jamie Summers, Blondi, Siobhan Hunter, Jodi Dee, Honey Malone, Mike Horner, Billy Dee, Tony Montana and Shone Taylor. Videocassette by Vivid Video.

This fanciful, modern-day porn fairy tale opens with fuck-up porn-store employee Mike Horner laying pipe into a blow-up doll. Heartwrenchingly, she pops a leak and goes flat before he can come. Due to expanses of sexless screen time. Little Shop’s more impatient viewers may also go flat before they’re able to come, though a nimble fastforwarding finger will guarantee a steady stream of hand-wrenching raunch. Don’t miss Siobhan Hunter demanding more fingers in her snatch; don’t miss Billy Dee sliding past Siobhan’s inverted asshole, which he fills with wad; don’t miss a man, a woman and a black dildo doing the cunt of Hunter; don’t miss living love doll Jamie Summers, big-eyed and innocent, her open, willing mouth holding still and wide for choad invasions, her defoliated cunt, bottom and asshole bathed in ball blasts; don’t miss Siobhan squatting and twirling on a dick sticking up through a hole in a spinning table; don’t miss the rest of it. Little Shop of Whores is open for funny bone business.