Jeanna Fine Profile Hustler Magazine November 1991

Eyes shielded behind movie-star shades, sex star Jeanna Fine steps from her car into the California glare. She’s in a motel parking lot one more time, but she’s a different Jeanna Fine.

Gone is the bleach-blond, punk Mohawk, replaced by falls of raven tresses. Gone is the flat chest, only a memory beneath a superimposition of bodacious mammary stacks. All that remains from the Jeanna Fine of old is a natural tendency to attract libidinal attention.

Jeanna has turned over a new leaf. Encased all in black, with her T-shirt and exercise tights pumped to the limits. Fine may look like a much-demanded, lucratively compensated video trollop, but, in fact, she has become a journalist for the day. She has come to a meeting of the Los Angeles Press Club at the Hollywood Palms Hotel to attend opening-day ceremonies for the 13th annual National Condom Awareness Week.

A member of the Los Angeles Press Club ushers Jeanna into a room. “You’re a speaker,” he insists. “Right?”

“No,” says Jeanna, savoring his look of surprise. “Press.”

A photographer approaches Jeanna as she licks her lips and runs her fingers sensuously over a display of phallically packaged condoms and lubricants. “Jeanna Fine?” he says. He squints to read a button pinned to the strap of Jeanna’s purse that labels her a SHAMELESS HUSSY. “Oh, that’s good,” he moans, clicking his lens as Jeanna intuitively flexes her lips and tits into a wet dreamer’s vision of perfection. “This is good. You’re a fine lady.”

The press conference itself is anticlimactic in comparison. A corporate representative touts his company’s selection of rubbers, including the Max sheath for “people with large problems.” (“Problem?” asks Jeanna, her face blanching.) Various social workers report on condom awareness in high schools and emerging Third World nations.

Jeanna accepts a sack of safe-sex goodies and reports back to HUSTLER command center for debriefing. Luckily, safe sex is not a subject that Jeanna can stick to.



We use this on the set all the time, lubricant with Nonoxynol-9. Nonoxynol-9 is really important, because it kills the HIV virus. There hasn’t been so much as a herpes breakout around the sets for about four years, which is when we started using Nonoxynol-9.

What STDs are common in the pom world? There has been nothing. I haven’t seen crabs in four years. I had a trichomonas infection when I was 17, from a boyfriend, but I’ve never picked up anything from a set.

Have you encountered condom breakage?

In my personal life, I had so much trouble with breakage that I started to use the contraceptive gel. In case the rubber were to break, you have a Nonoxynol-9.

The sponge has Nonoxynol-9? It also acts as a barrier, although I don’t know how much, because there are so many curves and cracks in a woman. Sometimes after a scene, you go to pull the sponge out, and you can’t find it. It feels so much like you,

you’ll go to pinch and grab it, and you’ll pinch yourself. Sometimes you can’t find the little string—there’s a string to pull it out.

Those sponges look pretty gruesome when they come out. They are not photogenic. You shouldn’t look. Don’t flush it down the toilet; just wrap it and throw it away.

Keep it away from the dog. Dogs love it. I have a rat, and she’s always coming out of the bathroom with things I wish she wouldn’t, especially when there are people. “Oh, hi, Henry. Oops, sorry—tampon.”


A few in the business would need the “ultimate assurance of Max,” the larger-shaped condom. Rocco, Sean Michaels—huge.

How do you manage to throat these guys? Directors stand behind me to see if it comes out the back of my head. I don’t know where it goes; I have my tonsils too. I don’t have a gag reflex.

This is how I try to teach chicks to do it: When you go down as far as you can, and you feel where it’s hitting the back of your throat, try not to gag. Try to move your head around or change the position to go down on the guy. Even if a dick appears straight, they all have a

tilt and twist, and so does your throat. You can’t go straight down on them. Some cocks are easier to deep-throat in a 69 position. I swear, you can drive a train down my throat.

You say you teach chicks how to throat cock; does that mean you have a class? Yes, at the Y Wednesday night. Bring your ID card. You have to be over 21, unless you’re really cute. No. The chicks always ask me on the set, “How the hell do you do that?” I try to teach them. If I were selfish, I’d guard the secret with my life, but I want to spread a little joy. Everyone should be able to do it.

It takes more than just the desire. Since I don’t have a gag reflex, I’ll slam my nose in their pubic hairs about four or five times. I can go down on Sean Michaels consistently about four or five times in a row.


Honey is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t come off too good. I try to save food-fucks for hotels, since they have two beds. You can trash one and sleep on the other one.

Do you leave a tip for the maid? Always tip the maids. For a couple of days, I’ll leave them about ten bucks. I don’t let them in the room while I’m there.

Although, last August at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Tommy Byron, Careena Collins and my boyfriend, Sean, we took an entire dungeon up there. We all picked up people. I picked up this boy from a

nightclub. I had people tied up everywhere. And then I called room service. The guy knocks on the door, and I open the door, and I have nothing on but patent-leather, thigh-high boots and a whip in my hand. “Come in.” Everybody is everywhere, and the room-ser

vice guy just could not look up. 1 had to clear all these whips and latex gloves, handcuffs and everything, to set the tray down. But, you know, we got really good service after that.

When you say mess in a bed, what specifically do you mean? Chocolate mousse and raspberries. I can’t eat chocolate mousse anymore. Grand Marnier is the best thing for head. The guy flips it in his mouth and then eats your pussy.

You smear the chocolate mousse between your ass cheeks? Jeanna Fine blushes.


We’re together; we’re a couple. He’s into group sex; so if 1 see something I like, male or female, he lets me have it. Vanilla sex is a bore. Now I wouldn’t just go out and pick up a guy. What’s in it for me? Another fuck? Please. But when he was in Thailand for two

weeks, I went to the RIP Magazine concert, and I spotted a cute guy. 1 started talking to him. We started to play, and he wanted to fuck, but we didn’t have a rubber; so I said, “No glove, no love.” But I spit in my hand and jacked him off right there and wouldn’t

let him touch or kiss me. I just jacked him off and told him to get out of here.

You did that in a crowd of several thousand. Did it get on anybody? Just on him and all over the floor at the Hollywood Palladium. Now, that I liked to do because it was kinky and anonymous. I don’t know their name. They don’t know my name.

If you find something you like, do you ever bring it home to share with the boyfriend? For his 22nd birthday, I gave him four of my girlfriends. I took him out to dinner and gave them the keys to my apartment. They got naked and spread pillows and blankets all

in front of the big mirrors on my wall. I blindfolded him, took him to the apartment door and pushed him in. I said, “Get him, girls.” They grabbed him and tied his legs and hands up. One by one, I would say, “You.” She would sit on his face. One would suck his dick. I kept him blindfolded for about half an hour. Then I said, “How many people are in the room?” He said, “About five.” So he was close. I said, “There are four more sitting on the couch.” He started to lose his hard-on. He’s like, “What do you mean there’s four more on the couch? Four more what?”

I had been talking about transvestites all that day; so he didn’t know if I had brought one home with me. We took the blindfold off, and we spent the rest of the night romping.

What’s a guy got to do to become your boyfriend? Sean came to the convention just to meet pom stars. He was from Denver. He always knew, somehow, that he was going to get into the business. He walked by my booth a couple of times, but I didn’t see him because I

was signing autographs. So then he dropped all this stuff in front of my booth. My girlfriend said, “Jeanna, check that out.” “Excuse me,” I said. “Get in my line.” I didn’t give him my autograph; I gave him my room number We moved in in March, and he was only supposed to be coming down for a visit. He wanted to be a pom star and fuck all the chicks. Now, he can do that, and have me.

So he works with other women too? Of course. The kid’s young. He’s double Scorpio. He’s beautiful. He’s never been monogamous; he needs variety. Why go to bars and do it behind my back when he can do it and make some money? Pay the bills.

Is it okay working on the same set together? I might have my moments of insecurity. I’m sure he does too. But we are very secure in that we love each other If there’s a problem, we would never bring it up on the set.

Has there been a problem with him boning somebody you don’t like? There are men I won’t work with out of respect for him, because he doesn’t like them. He’ll say to me: “The director wants me to work with this person. How do you feel about it?” I’ll give him my opinion. “Oh, I think

she’s a skank,” or, “I don’t really love her, but it’s okay.” Or, “Fuck, have a great time.”


How about guys who use the taste of Nonoxynol-9 as an excuse not to eat pussy? It doesn’t taste great, but if you’re really into your woman, you’ll bear it. Foreplay is important. There’s nothing worse than not being turned-on and getting fucked. By the time you work up to coming, the guy’s going to come in two seconds. I like to get off three or four times before the guy does. So I want to get off at least once orally, and then get fucked.

What do you think of the pick-up scene? My pick-up days are pretty much over I don’t go to clubs where it’s a pick-up scene. I can get real nasty with guys who get into the old cheesy, stupid guy stuff.

Give some examples of cheesy guy stuff. A chick can pick up subtle hints that guys don’t know they’re putting off. It’s the way they stand. They get that goofy fucking look in their faces. They get real smooth. On some chicks, it must work. You have to tum me on between my eyes.

You have to touch that clit in my brain. Give something besides your dick, because everybody’s got one. Your dick is the least of it.


Sean decided to get his nipple pierced, and he was high for a really long time.

Sean seems like he might be a little twisted. That’s the kind that keeps me interested— the sick ones. Joe Normal just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

Our readers are pretty sick. I love sick people. It’s the straight ones I worry about. People that do it in the dark, don’t talk about it, do only missionary style.

People who can’t figure out what to do with chocolate mousse. Those are the perverts. Those people have incredible fantasies that they feel so twisted about that they keep everything ultra-normal. They don’t want it to get out. One of my goals for when I’m 70 or 80 years old is to own the killer bordello. Peacocks on the front lawn. Golf course. A place where men can come and romance for a weekend. Taking it a step further, I said, “Why not make it also a clinic? Why not therapy, a place to make it okay for people to act out their fantasies?” Allowing people to act out fantasies of, say, little girls, in a controlled environment with consenting adults—how would that effect child molestation actually happening? I was molested when I was six years old by an uncle. What if he’d had a place to go and act out that fantasy? Would he have done that to me? I don’t think so. People need an outlet for their fantasies. People get twisted because they feel so guilty about fantasies. Fuck it. Do it, but with an adult, and just play. Sex should be real healthy, fun play.

But sex should not be vanilla? I’m not saying I have kinky sex all the time. I prefer sex with my boyfriend because finally we both found somebody that we can have sex in the same place, same positions— which are not your ordinary positions—and it’s different every time. A different attitude, a different thing going on in our heads.

Who are some of the most stimulating people in porn? I just worked for the first time with Jamie Gillis. That man is sick, oh. Oh.

You’d never seen him on the TV? There’s a difference between seeing him on the TV and being right there. Right away we knew: Oh, this is going to be fun, man. It started off with me being dominant, and suddenly he was smearing his cock all over my red lipstick. He’d say, “Dirty cocksucker. You like cock, cock.” It just went on and on into more and more kink. We worked for a good hour. He didn’t want to leave the set. Three guys literally packed him up and made him leave. John Leslie was like that too. You had to live in John Leslie’s eyes. Hot, nasty talk

while looking straight at him. That’s hard for a lot of girls to do because it’s not them.


How much time do you have left? I’d say four more years for movies. I’ll be 30, and I don’t know if I can handle being cast as Mom. I can just hear them saying, “Ashley here is going to play your daughter” But I know I’m going to make a damn fine older woman. Looking at my mother, I know I’ll age gracefully. But who wants to age?

So many girls are just flashes in the pan. I didn’t want to be. I didn’t get in the business for the quick buck. I got into it because I knew this is where I was supposed to be. I feel the business is nothing to be ashamed of It’s a necessary tool for society. It has a legitimate place.

Is it possible for a man to see you in your movies and know who you really are? Unless they cast me in the part of the virgin. Thank God they don’t do that. Who I am when I’m having sex, that’s who I am, whether I’m on camera or not.

What kind of roles would you play in a legit movie? Same kind of roles I play in the movies I do now. Powerful, sometimes conniving, always strong women. I can’t play a victim. I can play someone who’s vulnerable, because I am. But weak? Stupid? I would not classify myself that way.