Uh-huh.Uh-huh.Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
The uninitiated might think the above is merely one side of a phone conversation of the, “Did you remember bread? Coffee? Milk? Gin?” variety. Porn watchers know it’s Barbara Date-coming.

This little bundle of energy with the supple body and perfect tits has been making dicks stiff in a big way for about a year now. She’s been in the business somewhat longer than that, but her early East Coast work was by her own admission, “shitty.’ After a riveting beginning as Kim Wilde in Lilith Unleashed and The Oddest Couple, she sank into the miasma of New York porn for too many months. Emerging as Barbara Dare, she signed an exclusive fuck-film contract with Essex Video, moved to Southern California, started turning out quality sexvids and copped Starlet-of-the-Year awards from the X-Rated Critics Organization and Adult Video News.

In action, Dare displays all the enthusiasm – if not the submissiveness-of her idol, Marilyn Chambers. So of her most powerful scenes find her taking on two men (Dare teams with Jon Martin and Don Fernando in Lovers Lane is on of the hottest examples), though her one stud encounters are certainly not pikers (in Sexual Dynamics she gives Francois Papillon one of the best blowjobs on film). Openly bisexual, Barbara is also partial to pussy – and proves it in such movies as Hyapatia Lee’s Sexy and Hannah Does Her Sisters.

Though unusual among porn queens for her business sense, Dare never seems to be thinking of dollars and cents when she’s performing. Whether bucking her buns on a desk while being finger-banged by Jon Martin, pushing Francois Papillon’s face into her snatch, urgently tonguing Niki Charm’s pussy, taking Billy Dee’s jackhammer thrusts, writhing feverishly between Paul Thomas and Tasha Voux or easing into a passionate coupling with Jerry Butler, the farthest thing from this sex-intoxicated beauty’s mind is her day rate.

After busy beaver Barbara Dare returned from posing for the accompanying photo layout and before flying off to Rome to fuck John Leslie for the first time, she squeezed Entertainment Editor Doug Oliver into her crowded schedule and candidly answered his probing personal questions.

HUSTLER: A lot of women who get into porn were sexually abused as children. Was that your experience too?
DARE: No. But it’s true – I know girls in the business whose fathers raped them.

HUSTLER: You had a pappy, normal childhood then?
DARE: Yeah. My parents got divorced, and they both got remarried, but that’s everybody’s childhood these days. I always did what I wanted, and no one stopped me from doing anything. I think I was old for my age. Both my parents knew I was bisexual. That’s why I think my getting into porn wasn’t really a shot to them. I think they almost expected it – not because I was always an open person, did what I wanted and felt strongly about things.

HUSTLER: What do your parents think about your career?
DARE: My mother’s very open. We’re best friends. She watched 10 ½ Weeks twice and called to tell me that I’m too noisy when I come. I was worried about how my father would take it. I wrote him a ten-page letter telling him what I’m doing, and tried to explain that I get respect in the business. People think porn is sleazy motel rooms, lowlife people, scum. And it’s not. I work for a great company. They’re businessmen; they wear suits and ties every day. They’re not sleaze; they respect me, and I’m treated like a queen. My father said he doesn’t condone what I do, but he’ll always be there for me. He rented one of my movies, watched some of it and turned it off. I think he wanted to stick in his head what his daughter was doing. I told him I still wanted to be Daddy’s little girl, but if not-not.

HUSTLER: You started out as Kim Wilde. Why the name change?
DARE: I became Barbara Dare because I wanted to forget Kim Wilde. I did such shitty stuff when I first started. A few things I did in New York had no showers, no makeup artist-things that now I’d say, “No way.” We shot one movie in Queens, in a movie theater, and we worked all night. We did an orgy scene without a cut for, honestly, one hour. I couldn’t walk. Not just my pussy, but my whole body ached for five days after that. The stuff that came out then was not Barbara Dare quality. Barbara Dare is a porn star. Kim Wilde was just a little girl who didn’t know what she was doing. Now I know. And I want to do the best I can. I want to be the best.

HUSTLER: How did your contract with Essex come about?
DARE: I knew that Ginger Lynn was under contract to Vivid Video. So that put the idea about contracts in my head. I’d heard through the grapevine that Essex was looking for somebody. I was shooting for Essex one day, and I just went up to the production manager and said, “Get me in to see them. I want a contract.” The next morning I just went in there and sold them on me. It’s what I wanted. If I’m going to be in this business, I don’t want to get burned-out or overexposed.

HUSTLER: What’s the advantage of being under contract?
DARE: I have cast-and-script approval, you know, things like that. And the money. That’s another thing I told my father, and he understands. Who, at age 23, is making this kind of money? I’m now earning a six-figure income, and I hope to double what I make this year with a fan club and marketing. The other advantage is that I only do ten videos a year. I think the fact that I don’t work so much helps keep me fresh.

HUSTLER: What’s your least favorite thing about the X-rated industry?
DARE: It’s starting to hit me right now so many demands on my time. People are calling for interviews all the time; somebody else wants me to do a club act. I go to the conventions. I love the conventions because I know what they do for my career. But by the end of the day, I just want to get back to me. I’ve been smiling and signing autographs and writing nasty things for six hours. I love the business, but it takes a lot out of you emotionally. It’s tough being a sex star.

HUSTLER: You seem to be quite a businesswoman, and more aware than most porn stars about what you have to do to promote yourself. Would you say that you’re sort of a porn yuppie?
DARE: I hate that term. All a yuppie is someone who basically has their shit together. It’s business. I’m going to make the most money I can in this business. There are a lot of girls who get out after a few years and don’t have anything-that would kill me. The sex is fine, but I can get sex anywhere. This is business.

HUSTLER: You’ve been making films and videos for about a year-and-a-half now. Do you have any particular favorites among the men you’ve worked with?
DARE: I love working with Jerry Butler. Billy Dee is such a good fuck! He’s a fast fuck. Not that it’s hard for me to do a soft, passionate love scene, but I like to go off. Even in my real sex life: Fuck me hard! The harder, the faster, the better.

HUSTLER: Who else?
DARE: Jamie Gillis. Paul Thomas. Guys who have been in the business for a while. The pros can get it up and come when they’ve got to come.

HUSTLER: Speaking of coming, here’s the orgasm question: Do you, or don’t you on screen?
DARE: Of course I do on screen. The guys get to come, why shouldn’t I? I make sure I come. I used to think, I don’t want to try to come because the director will say, Cut,” before I get off. One day I actually said, “What do you mean, ‘Cut’? I’m almost there!” No, I come. When you see me jerking, it’s real.

HUSTLER: We’ve never seen you take it in the ass onscreen. How come?
DARE: Because I only do that in my personal life. There are certain things I want to do in my own life that are just too personal for the screen. I was thinking of doing an anal scene with Erica Boyer. Something like that I’ll do.

HUSTLER: Why will you let a dildo up your ass and not a cock?
DARE: Again, it’s personal. For a woman, a dildo is a toy. I always used to say, “I’m going to save my booty for the man I marry.” You have to save something in this business. There are things that I don’t want touched by everybody, and that’s one of them.

HUSTLER: Tell us about your first experience with anal sex.
DARE: It killed me. It still hurts sometimes, but it’s a turn-on hurt. It was erotic, and it was different, but it hurt.

HUSTLER: Whose idea was it?
DARE: Both of ours. My boyfriend really gets into it. We don’t do it that often, but when we do, he’s a happy camper.

HUSTLER: Is your boyfriend in the business?
DARE: Oh, no. I could never deal with it if he was in porn.

HUSTLER: So how does he deal with you fucking everybody?
DARE: He’s cool about it. He looks up to me as a businesswoman.

HUSTLER: Does he come to the set with you?
DARE: No, and he doesn’t watch my movies. It would just add negatives to our relationship. But he’s very supportive. I think that’s why I love him so much. He deals with it-and he pushes me to be number one. He says, “No matter what you do, be the best at it. Kick ass.”

HUSTLER: What does he think about you doing girl/girl scenes?
DARE: He doesn’t mind. He knows I’m into women. I’ve been into women for ten years. He tells me, “Do it. If it’s something you need to keep our relationship together, do it.”

HUSTLER: So he’s not after you to bring someone home?
DARE: No. I think eventually we’re going to have a woman home. If it happens, it happens. That’s also why this business is so good for me-I get the extra things that I need. I’m not the type who can just have regular sex all the time. I think that’s the problem with a lot of relationships
regular sex. I’ve met a lot of men who wanted to do other things with their wives or girlfriends, but wouldn’t open their mouths to say so; so they were sexually unsatisfied.

HUSTLER: Has having sex onscreen affected your offscreen sex life?
DARE: I think I’m better in bed. I’m hotter, nastier, sexier. I always wanted to be able to say, “Fuck me, fuck me,” or, “Eat my pussy,” and I was always too intimidated. Now that I do it onscreen, I’m able to bring it out more. Talking dirty has always been a turn-on for me-now it’s a bigger part of my sex life. A big part.

HUSTLER: How did you start, sexually?
DARE: I lost my cherry on a bathroom floor.

HUSTLER: Why were you fucking on a bathroom floor?
DARE: I don’t know. We were in there. I really don’t know. I got on my hands and knees-a position I grew to love. I was about 13, and it hurt. It hurt bad.

HUSTLER: Is that what turned you to women?
DARE: No, no, no. How I got involved with women was, there was a girl in high school who everybody said was gay. And, something just intrigued me. I found myself wanting to hang out with her and be her friend, and one day it just happened.

HUSTLER: Do you alternate between men and women?
DARE: I’ve gone through periods wondering. Am I gay, or straight, or what? I don’t think a woman could satisfy me totally now. I need a man. I need his cock. But I’ll always love women. In fact, I told my boyfriend just the other day, ” I need my female fix,” because I haven’t had a
woman since we started going together, except in my movies.

HUSTLER: Would you choose someone from the industry for your “woman fix”?
DARE: No. Well, Erica Boyer and I talk about getting together, but we haven’t so far. She’s the only person-except for Ginger Lynn-I really associate with outside of business.

HUSTLER: What was your first encounter with Ginger like?
DARE: It was on Blame It on Ginger, and it was the first time I’d worked with a “porn star.” Our first scene was on a toilet and it was hot. When you get a woman who likes pussy, it’s a hot scene.

HUSTLER: What’s it like to have sex with Erica Boyer?
DARE: It’s good because she’s a turn-on, but it’s sort of a battle. She always likes to control the scene.

HUSTLER: Then you prefer to be the aggressor?
DARE: Not that I prefer it, I just don’t want to lay down and let people do what they want. I always give back. I really get off getting somebody else off.

HUSTLER: Who have you not worked with yet who you want to work with?
DARE: John Leshe. He came up to me and said, “Barbara, we have to work together so people can see how good you really are.” Like I need John Leslie to show how good I really am. But maybe I do. We’ll see-I’m working with him soon, and I’m really looking forward to it.

HUSTLER: Who do you see as your competition right now?
DARE: Right now I think I’m up there, on my way to becoming the next Ginger Lynn. But you never know. I worry a little because someone can always come in and blow you away. People won’t care about Barbara Dare anymore; they’ll just care about this new one. But competition? Nobody, really. Porsche Lynn is good. Taija Rae is already established. Careena Collins is gone. There’s Blondi. She’s beautiful, but she only works with Tony Montana, and I don’t think she can act as well as I can.

HUSTLER: You’ve had more sex than most women have in a lifetime. What turns you on?
DARE: Kissing and eye contact. Somebody who looks me in the eyes and wants me is probably the biggest turn-on. Andthe kiss-on my last movie Billy Dee and I had a scene, and not that we had trouble getting into it, but it was hard because the director just said, “All right. Start sex.” Billy said, “Come here,” and he grabbed me, and we kissed, and he got hard, and I got wet, and that’s what it took-the kiss and the look. Not touching my pussy or anything like that.

HUSTLER: If you were blindfolded, do you think you could tell if you were being eaten by a man or a woman?
DARE: I think women are a little more gentle; so I probably could. But I can’t say one’s better than the other.

HUSTLER: What do you like a partner to be doing with his hands?
DARE: If he’s eating me, I like to have my pussy fingered at the same time. With women, I like to have my asshole fingered. Here and there I let men do that, but I prefer women because, to me, for a woman to finger my ass is very erotic. I’ve even fingered my own asshole in a few masturbation scenes because it really does turn me on.

HUSTLER: How do you prefer to get fucked? Any favorite positions?
DARE: Fucking is my favorite thing in the whole world. I love to fuck fast; I love to fuck hard-probably doggy-style because I feel it the most.

HUSTLER: Cock size?
DARE: Doesn’t matter. As long as it knows how to move.

HUSTLER: Do you like dildos?
DARE: On the set, if they’re there, they’re there. Off the set, I don’t think about them. When I’m with a woman, I don’t want fake things. I’ve had plenty of girlfriends whose fingers did more for me than any dildo.

HUSTLER: Have you had any bad experiences in porn?
DARE: No. The worst, I guess, is when I have a scene with women who are totally not into women. For me, that’s a bad experience because it’s more work for me. I have to make the scene work-and they act like it’s disgusting them.

HUSTLER: You say that you love this business. Would you encourage someone else to get into porn?
DARE: A lot of people get into this business for the wrong reasons-to make a quick buck, or they had a bad childhood. If they believed in what they were doing, if they were smart enough to put the money away, yeah, I’d encourage them. On the other hand, right now, because of AIDS and all the legal hassles, I probably wouldn’t. I don’t even like to talk about this, it’s just so depressing. Every time you turn on TV, it’s just AIDS, AIDS, AIDS. On my last shoot we were all sitting around talking, and we said, “Are we stupid?” So maybe right now I’d say, “Don’t get into the business.” For me, it’s a great. I’m happy. I have stardom. I have money. I have fun. That’s what we decided when we were sitting around talking: We do this because it’s fun.

HUSTLER: What happens when you hear that someone in the industry has AIDS?
DARE: I don’t know. I think we’re all going to freak. I keep telling myself nobody in the business has it, but the day it’s confirmed somebody has AIDS, I’ll freak out. It worries me, but it’s a chance you take in this business. You can’t just stop your life.

HUSTLER: What about the future?
DARE: I wish I could see the future. What’s my life span in the business going to be? Ten years? Five? I’d love to have people in ten years know my name. Marilyn Chambers can pick a movie whenever she wants to do one. I really look up to Marilyn. I look up to Marilyn, Seka, Ginger Lynn. All these women turn me on because they’re into what they’re doing, and that comes across. That’s how I want to be. That’s how I think I am. I think people look at me and say, “She likes what she’s doing!” And I do.