HUSTLER: It’s a well-known fact that almost all female adult film performers are bisexual. But is it true you’d never made love to a woman until you did it in front of the camera?
LYNN: Well, not entirely. The first girl I ever had sex with was Ginger Lynn, in private. She got me drunk on tequila shooters at this house in Malibu. I never wanted to be with another woman, but Ginger got me so wasted that day, I just went for it. She fucking raped me.

HUSTLER: Then you enjoyed the, shall we say, virgin experience?
LYNN: Fuck, yes! It was incredible. Ginger and I are closest friends. She asked me to marry her once when we were in Washington. I love that girl.

HUSTLER: Have you and Ginger ever worked together on film?
LYNN: Oh, yeah, but I don’t think anyone ever saw the scene. It was in the Mitchell Brothers’ picture The Grafenberg Spot. Ginger and I had an incredible fist-fucking scene that was cut from the film. It caused quite a commotion. The Mitchells didn’t want any more problems with the police; so they cut every second of it out of the picture. And, God, what a scene it was.

HUSTLER: Tell us about it.
LYNN: Well, the scene took place in a clinic. Annette Haven was a doctor showing Ginger and I, the patients, how to find our G spots. We were laughing a lot as we started messing around. Then Ginger put all this K-Y Jelly on her hand. She had a rubber glove on and said to me, “I wonder how many fingers I can fit in there.” Then she stuck two fingers in my pussy and told me to breathe deep and let it out. All of a sudden she’s got her whole hand up to the knuckles in me. At that moment I felt the most incredible feeling of my life. I came and came and came and couldn’t stop coming. They got a real-life G-spot orgasm out of me. I’ve never had another one like it, not even with a man.

HUSTLER: Filmmaker Lawrence T. Cole said that you’re one of the few ladies who can really get off on film. We can assume, then, that you have had some Big Os with your onscreen male partners.
LYNN: Oh, sure. I always come great with my boyfriend, Jamie Gillis. He’s the best, in private and on film. We had a wild scene together in Ten Little Maidens. Jamie started fucking me in an orgy scene at a dinner table. He was rubbing food all over me while sticking his dick in me. Everyone around me was smothering food on each other. The scene really got out of hand, especially when Jamie shoved a pig’s head down on my pussy. I remember at the end of the movie the director added a scene in which Harry Reems comes in a cherry pie and then slaps the pie in my face. Everyone started laughing at me. But I didn’t think it was so funny; it ruined my makeup!

HUSTLER: Besides Jamie, what other leading men do you consider hot fucks?
LYNN: Herschel Savage is wonderful. So is Billy Dee; what an outrageous piece of ass that man is! Our fuck scene in Future Sex went on forever-a real classic. I love John Holmes too. He’s a very sweet and sensitive man, but enormous. If he shoves it all the way in your mouth, you can’t breathe or swallow.

HUSTLER: You’re fucking so many men these days, aren’t you afraid of AIDS? Many actors in the business are bisexual.
LYNN: There’s an incredible fear of AIDS sweeping through the X-rated-film business right now. All of my girlfriends are talking about it. We’re scared to death that we’ll find out in three years we’ve only got a few months left.

HUSTLER: Why do you continue your promiscuous career then?
LYNN: I get a blood test regularly and am very careful about the people I work with. Hey, life’s a fucking gamble anyway, and this is where I want to be. I can’t think of doing anything else. That’s not to say I’m reckless. For instance, I won’t fuck some guy I know has been fucking a bunch of other guys-not for a lousy thousand dollars. It’s not worth it to me, because if I get AIDS, then everyone I come in contact with gets it-and not just the people I work with, but the people I love and care about too.

HUSTLER: Let’s get off this negative stuff and backtrack for a moment. Not to sound cliche’, but how did you get started in this crazy business?
LYNN: I had a sugar daddy who was, you know, keeping me. Paying for everything. I didn’t need a dime of my own and never had to work. Then I guess his wife found out, and he ran back to her, breaking it off with me. I was out in the cold. Then a friend of his asked me if I was interested in doing some masturbation stuff on video. I needed the money and said okay. I’d done still shoots for several magazines before that-a couple of them even appeared in I’ve always loved for people to look at me; so this seemed perfect. The final decision to do hard-core, though, came about three o’clock one morning. I’d been up all night doing drugs, blown out of my mind on cocaine. Hell, I was on the set the next day, swallowing cock.

HUSTLER: Were drugs a big attraction for you in the beginning?
LYNN: When I first got into the business, I didn’t do a lot of drugs. But later, when I started working more and money came rolling in, I started freebasing a lot. But you know, it wasn’t just a drug addiction. I was addicted to clothes, food, partying in general. I spent money like water.

HUSTLER: Are you still a big drug user?
LYNN: Absolutely not. I’m definitely off my drug addiction, and I’ve never worked stoned on camera. My energy in front of the camera is natural. I get very excited and very nervous when the director shouts, “Action!” I’m an insatiable, hopeless exhibitionist, and I love it when people are looking at me.

HUSTLER: There are individuals in the X-industry who think you’re a bitch, a prima donna who’s impossible to deal with. And then there are others, like veteran filmmaker Bruce Seven, who rank you right at the top. Seven told us, “Amber always puts 100% energy into her scenes and
always wants to look like the sexiest slut in town.” So, which is the real Amber Lynn?
LYNN: Both. There are some real scumbags in this business. They try to soak every extra little thing out of you they can possibly get. Some people say that I have a bad attitude and that I’m a bitch because when I make a deal to work for $1,000 and do one sex scene, that’s all I’m going to do. But then a director will say, “Oh, Amber, just give him a little head,” you know, a freebie. Well, shit, it’s not whether I want to suck cock or not. That’s not the point. It’s business. I can take any guy home from a set and fuck his brains out… and I have, but I’m working now, and this is my bread and butter. I love being a sex star, and sometimes you have to be a bitch to be successful.

HUSTLER: As a child, did you ever envision yourself doing what you’re doing today?
LYNN: In my family we never thought of nude as naked. Things were pretty open. My parents died when I was very young, and my brothers were all I had. We stuck together and cared about each other a lot. [Amber’s real-life brother Buck Adams is a rising porn stud who has starred with his sexy sis in several features, including Best Little Whorehouse in San Francisco and Marina Heat. They have not, however, done a sex scene together. ] I was a very ugly child until I turned about 13. Then I got pretty hot. I was known as the school tease, always dressing in miniskirts and showing off my legs.

HUSTLER: Is it true you lost your cherry when you were eight years old?
LYNN: No, of course not. But I was eight when I first experienced a sexual feeling for someone. It was in the garage of our house in Orange County. I was with this little redheaded boy who lived in the house across the street. We were pulling down our pants and touching each other’s private parts. It was all pretty innocent. But, you know, I remember that incident better than I do my real first time. I think I was partying with friends, and everyone was getting it on with one another; so I just decided to join in.

HUSTLER: What are your kinks?
LYNN: They vary from day to day. Sometimes I’m in the mood for dirty talk. The next day I want to be spanked and dominated. The next day I wanna mash balls! And then the next day I’m in the mood for love. But as far as pure sexual kink goes, I love to give head. Take the guy I sucked off yesterday. His cum was very creamy, and I rubbed it on my lips. I held it back away from my mouth as he was about to shoot his wad so it hit the back of my throat. Then I took his hard cock and rubbed it over my lips and face. Ummm.

HUSTLER: Do you like the taste of cum?
LYNN: Some men have great-tasting cum. Men who eat vegetables like celery and drink a lot of water, their cum tastes good. It’s full of protein. I especially like it when it’s real creamy.

HUSTLER: How does your boyfriend rank on the cum-flavor scale?
LYNN: Jamie’s tastes weird sometimes because he eats a lot of garbage food, really gross stuff like broiled cow guts and pickled whitefish.

HUSTLER: Aside from oral sex, you obviously love being fucked. In fact, one of your more memorable performances comes in Head Games, in which you’re double-penetrated in the pussy by Tom Byron and Marc Wallice. What was that scene like?
LYNN: Sheer ecstasy! It was the ultimate feeling of being fulfilled. You know, my cup runneth over! Both Tom and Marc are pretty well-endowed, and I was taking about all I could hold.

HUSTLER: It doesn’t happen much in porn movies, but do you like it when a man comes inside you?
LYNN: Oh, yes. I really feel it because I’m very sensitive down there. I feel this warm sensation grow in my abdomen and spread through my stomach. It’s very hot because cum gets hot from the man’s body temperature rising while pumping his cock inside me. The more aggressive the lover, the more you feel the surge of cum shooting into your body.

HUSTLER: You said earlier that some days you like to be dominated. Are you into S&M?
LYNN: I like being spanked, but I don’t like being beat up. It’s very nice to be spanked, but only to the point of pleasure, not pain. When it’s just right, it gives my butt a little sting and sends a shock to my nervous system. On the other hand, I love to dominate men. Cock rings, they’re great. I like to whip men too and then force them to eat my pussy. And pulling pubic hair-that’s a favorite, along with dragging a man around by his balls. A rope around the balls can be very exciting. Jamie loves that!

HUSTLER: You appear to be replacing Traci Lords as America’s new smut queen. Do you think you deserve the acclaim?
LYNN: Traci has never really turned me on. I always thought lightbulbs should be screwed into sockets and not planted on the end of a girl’s chest. I’ve never done a sex scene with her, but I’ve seen her work. She’s very sexy on film, but in person she’s not sexy at all, not to mention she has a very bad attitude. I love to fuck, I love the audience, and I know the people watching me can sense that.

HUSTLER: Who else don’t you admire in adult cinema?
LYNN: Angel. That girl is completely out to lunch. She just doesn’t seem to be enjoying what she’s doing at all. I’ve only met her once; so I shouldn’t really talk. If I ever get a scene with that girl, I’m going to get her off… if it’s the last thing I do! She’s absolutely beautiful and absolutely boring. I think that’s sad.

HUSTLER: Then you believe that women who don’t like to fuck in front of the camera-and show it-have no business making adult films and videos?
LYNN: No way. It’s a cheat to the audience. If you’re beautiful, like Angel, but don’t wanna fuck hard and long, stay out of the business. Be a model and wear your designer fashions, but stay the hell off a movie set. The people out there have to say to themselves when they’re watching a scene, “Yeah, that girl really loves sucking cock.”

HUSTLER: Is being a porn star the ultimate kick for you right now?
LYNN: At this time in my life I wouldn’t be doing anything else. I’m having a lot of fun, making a ton of money and living the way I’ve made myself accustomed to. I didn’t grow up a lucky kid with a silver spoon in my pussy, but I decided one day that I was gonna have what all the rich girls had-and more. I was going to be happy doing it. Hey, how many people do you know who thoroughly enjoy their work, make big money and have an orgasm a day?