Chicago – Produced by Sandra Winters; directed by Edwin Durrell; written by Sandra Winters and Edwin Durrell; starring Francois Papillon, Kari Foxx, Jamie Gillis, Patti Petite, Jon Martin, Buffy Davis, Kelli Richards, Karen Bree, Jennifer Noxt, Bunny Bleu, Kristara Barrington, Tami White, Constance Drew, Linda Lipps, Alexis Greco, Nina Hartley, Chris Chase, Joey Silvera and Steve Drake. Running time: 75 minutes.

This attempt to cash in on a well-known title has little to do with the producers’ original film, and also manages to misrepresent the classic story that it’s based on. Fortunately, however. Part II is solid enough to stand on its own. Humorous and loaded with sex. Erotic Nights’ bright, clear photography-highlighted by frequent state-of-the-art raincoater closeups-and spare but elegant sets, make it one of the most sensuous and visually appealing films to come along in quite a while.

Subtitled The Forbidden Tales, the film purports to tell the famous story of how tale-spinning Scheherazade (Kari Foxx) married the sultan (Francois Papillon). It starts off with a three-girl suck-and-lick of a happy Papillon’s Arabian night stick, shot almost entirely in close-up and slomo-maybe a little too much slomo. After the barely visible cum-shot, the voice-over narration informs us that things weren’t always so pleasant in sultanland. His Highness was once bored and had trouble getting it up. The remedy? A sex contest to find the sultan a wife.

We then see the preliminaries that include Patti Petite giving the blowjob of the year to Jon Martin-she throats him so deeply, it brings tears to her eyes-and two bare-bummed “sisters” (Tami White and Constance Drew) who tickle each other as a prelude to their lesbian interlude, but who don’t make the finals because they “look too young, and the sultan has an image to maintain.”

Next come the finalists. Decadent Lady Viviane (Kelli Richards) leads the court in a sizzling orgy that ends in a fizzle with one of the dullest ass/pussy double porks (Papillon/Richards/Chris Chase) on celluloid, and Mistress Elita (statuesque Rhonda Jo Petty lookalike Karen Bree) initiates the sultan into the tepid delights of make-believe bondage, but it’s Scheherazade who captures the sultan’s heart with her beauty as they fuck while watching themselves in a mirror. Presumably, they then get married,
thus paving the way for the sultan’s slo-mo blowjobs.

Because of its emphasis on sensuality. Erotic Nights, Pt. II should be popular with couples. As well made as it is, however, it would have benefited from a bit more desert heat.