HONEYPIE (1975) 86 Minutes.
d-Howard Ziehm. Cast: Jennifer Welles, Arlana Blue, Sharon Thorpe, Serena, Terri
Hall, Ashley Moore, Mary Stuart, Bree Anthony, Bobby Astyr, Annie Sprinkle, Sammy
Teen, Larry Christian, Al Goldstein, Rocky Millhouse and Mel White.

This is probably the finest loop-carrier film (a variation on the vignette formula that
usually has less plot) yet made. Unlike others of its type, HONEYPIE never lets up for a
minute. Each of the sex scenes is an erotic triumph and the continuity binding action is not
only above average for adult films, it is superior compared to most loop-carriers.

After an early morning romp in the sack, Arlana Blue heads to her job at Metro Magazine,
where Al Goldstein is the boss — a play on his real life work at Screw. The magazine office
provides the premise and various reader’s letters provide the loop action. The letters, which
subsequently dissolve to sex scenes, begin on a soft and tender note and progressively
get hotter and raunchier, building to two sizzling climax scenes.

Jennifer Welles plays an older woman artfully seducing a much younger man. Then dance
teacher Sharon Thorpe and student Serena participate in a very erotic lesbian encounter.
Terri Hall takes on two workmen (Ashley Moore and Rocky Millhouse) while her jealous
wretch of a husband is away This scene at the top of the list. After she sufficiently teases
them, she does it all sexually — including oral, anal, straight, all topped off by a double
vaginal insertion and then a front and rear sandwich sequence — before her hubby returns.
Superbly scored with Country and Gospel, the scene is almost Impossible to top and is
almost a movie of its own. HONEYPIE tries with the best serious S&M bondage available.
Many people have a desire for lots of bondage footage, but outside of an occasional small
sequence, often funnier than intended, most films will not satisfy them. Bree Anthony and
Mel a black bondage professional, really do the number on Mary Stuart as they teach her
the joys of pain and pleasure. The scene is quite long, but totally realistic and complete
with whips, chains, clips and dildo. Purists will shun explicit sex mixed with B&D but can’t
top this one.

The filler footage hijinks in the office do not cause the pace to sour, as funnyman Bobby
Astyr and Arlana almost equal the loops. HONEYPIE is the best of the breed, with something
for everyone sexually, and a harmless comedy plot that requires no heavy concentration.
and doesn’t ruin the formula. Hall of Fame filmmaker Howard Ziehm’s masterpiece.