CHINA GIRL (1974) 91 Minutes.
Cast: Annette Haven, Tom Douglass, Bonnie
Holiday, Sharon Thorpe, Ramoia Young, James Hong, Barry Frye, Lou Ganapoier,
Donna Christopher, Janet Ross, Todd Jones, Bob Carr, Roahne Aiexander, Susan
Song-LI and Summer Brown.

For those caught up in the ‘couples crossover’ film craze, the West Coast example of
great films of 1974 that opted for story and eschewed raunch. Haven and Frye play researches
working on a substance called Engram, a mind gaining tool sought by C.I.A. agent
Tom Douglass and bad people Madam Wu (Ramoia Young, known for appearances on
HAWAII FIVE-O) and Mr. Chan of Dragon, played by James Hong, the Asian-American
character actor who ranks with Keye Luke and Philip Ahn. All the ingredients for this solidly
produced first film by Summer Brown blend into an enjoyable adult version of James Bond.
Incidentally, the initials for the mind control substance translate to E.R.A. and the film was
produced by a woman.

The script is loaded with clever one liners that contrast Asian and American cultures.
Scientist Frye spills his guts at the pleasurable sex torture, but Annette is immune to the
advances of Bonnie and Sharon and then three guys and begs them all for more. While far
from raunchy, the sex is more erotic than similar films made ten years later Summer is now
Sandra Winters and director Paolo is better known today as Edwin Durell.