FELICIA (1976) 99 Minutes.
w/p/d – Max Pecas. Cast: Rebecca Brooke, Beatrice Harnois, Jean Roche, Roland
Charbaux, Nicole Daudet, Ray Prevet, Marlene Myller and Eva Kriss.

Not only is this French film one of the five best foreign films ever made, it is the single
best example of a standard plot ingredient that has become a staple ingredient for erotic
cinema. That storyline involves a happily married couple finding a third party entering and,
of course, complicating their relationship and sex life. In FELICIA, Rebecca Brooke and
Jean Roche are the hip, happy couple, and the interloper is Beatrice Harnois (also known
to adult buffs for her performance in PUSSY TALK). The minor plot variation in this film is
that Beatrice is a schoolgirl on vacation coming to visit friends of her mother. Her seeming
innocence and naivete heighten the incredible eroticism and sustain interest for the hour
and forty minute running time. The triad combinations are not new to the genre, and this
is not an eternal triangle set-up, but they are handled so perfectly Pity poor Adam Film
World. For years they have recognized the heat and praised ttie performance of the ‘exquisite
blonde’ who teaches and is taught by young Felicia, but they confuse Felicia and Gabrielle.
They refer to Rebecca Brooke but they call her Beatrice Hart. Beatrice Harnois plays Felicia
and Rebecca Brooke is Gabrielle, the goddess blonde also in PUNISHMENT OF ANNE
Rebecca Brooke performs her own very explicit sex scenes. It drips with the constant
eroticism necessary to rate this highest level placement. Don’t rent FELICIA, own it. Then
you can have Mary in the Morning all day long.