Health Spa (1979)
p – Wesley Emerson, d – Clair Dia. Cast: Abigail Clayton, Kay Parker, Phaery Burd,
John Seeman, Robert Girard and Rudy Graham.

Want class act stuff actually made by a woman? International Expose Magazine assigns
Kay Parker to get the goods on the Euro-Spa Health Club because the puritanical editor
feels they are promoting sickness upon the community with their sexercise methods. She
is joined by Abigail Clayton and sees first hand what goes on. Actually, it’s just a natural
way to exercise, but she is revolted and fights her urge to submit. When she and Abigail
suddenly make love together later that night, she is full of guilt and remorse the next day.

As the pressure mounts to finish her story, the conflicting doubts about her own sexuality
cause her to turn to alcohol. When Abigail and the spa people learn of the plan to discredit
their program, they hatch an alternative plan. The results can best be summed up as a nice
little teaching lesson that sex is not as disgusting as small minded people would like it to
be, and that in the back of their small minds, there is usually a voice crying out for release.

The sex scenes show the female touch of former actress Clair (3 AM, DESIRES WITHIN
YOUNG GIRLS) Dia. They are tender and erotic without becoming raunchy. Kay Parker,
Abigail Clayton and Fay Burd are the only females in the film, and a great deal of eroticism
emanates from their scenes.

For the record, all of the male money shots were provided by the single most unsung performer, actor, production man in the business — John Seeman. He did inserts for the other guys in addition to his own duties.

This is a film that has solid therapeutic value for any teaching situation about human sexuality. Failure to achieve orgasm is dealt with in a very frank manner. Perfect for couples.