FEMMES DE SADE (1976) 87 Minutes.
p/d – Alex deRenzy. Cast: Monique Starr, Abigail Clayton, Leslie Bovee, John Leslie,
Ken Turner, Linda Wong, Annette Haven, K\kko, Joey Silvera, Mimi Morgan, Desiree
West, Melba Bruce, Turk Lyon, iyier Home, Sharon Thorpe, Justina Lynn, Johnnie
Keyes, Star Wood, Candida Royale and Vernon and Enlil Von Bergdorf.

Anti-porn idiots who speak from the heart rather than the head have claimed that porn
has become more violent, more explicit and more demeaning to women in recent years.
As a porn historian, my response is exactly the opposite. Any fool could notice that fisters,
pissers, excessive violence, rape and young girl themes have been heavily self-censored
by the adult industry themselves.

Case in point — this classic from Alex deRenzy. Censorship shears have been used to
‘tone down’ something that I don’t think needs to be toned down. It was done by the releasing
company, however, to avoid legal hassles that shouldn’t exist in the first place. I have no
idea how much is left of filmmaker deRenzy’s original creative work of art, but perhaps
A.C.L.U. attorneys should investigate the reasons why the film had to be censored at all.

Joey Silvera plays a nice young fellow released from prison (San Quentin) into the arms
of girlfriend Abigail Clayton. His miserable non-friend Ken Turner (the seven foot Rondo
Hatton of porn) invites himself to tag along and is soon not satisfied with waiting in the car.
After Joey gets clobbered trying to prevent the inevitable, he plots revenge on the anti-social

The premise moves to the hip San Francisco sex culture where Rocky de Sade (Turner)
continues to terrorize the citizenry The plot is little more than a thread for sex scenes, but
what incredible sex scenes they are. The Leslie Bovee engine room boiler scene is rated
among the very best ever by most astute adult authorities, if not the best. For the record,
the three guys with Bovee are John Leslie, Turk Lyon and Tyler Home. Another nasty but
very erotic number involves Ken with junkie hooker Melba Bruce as he forces her to join
him in autofellatio, making for double head most unique. He also brutalizes Monique Starr
with a cigarette and a coke bottle before the entire hippie community unites for his come up
pance at a masked ball orgy that will be edited. Slim plot but superb sex that has integrity
despite the kinky edge. It is a must see experience even with the edits.