CHINA CAT (1978) 70 Minutes.
ep – Richiard Aldricti, p – Damon Christian, w/d – Bob Chinn. Cast: John C. Holmes,
Cris Cassidy, Eileen Wells, Paula Wain, Kyoto, John Seeman, Desiree Cousteau, Dale
Meador, Jennifer Richards and Elliot Lewis.

One of the Johnny Wadd detective films deserves inclusion and this is my pick. The
character created by Bob Chinn first appeared in JOHNNYWADD (1973) and provided-John
Curtis Holmes with a nickname he will carry into eternity. BLONDE FIRE (1979 —with Seka
and Jesie St. James) is the biggest budgeted, most elaborate feature, but the choice is
CHINA CAT, which completes a four film, four year cycle. All were produced by Christi^”
and directed by Chinn.

TELL THEM JOHNNYWADD IS HERE (1975) offers Mexican drug smuggling and Annette
Haven, but the highlight of this Mexican meandering is the violence in a plate of beans.
Carlos Tobalina won an award. LIQUID LIPS (1976) stars Monique Starr (not Phaedra Grant)
and shaved stripper Enjil Von Bergdorf — as the Mexican smack hits San Francisco. THE
JADE PUSSYCAT (1977) features Linda Wong and Georgina Spelvin in a search for a
Maltese Falcon type 12th century artifact. Elliot Lewis of the Lewis Brothers plays a panhan
dler — by this time, most fans can spot the major cameos like Aldrich and Chinn, so add
Elliot to the list. Paula Wain and Mimi Morgan appear under pseudonyms.

CHINA CAT picks up where JADE PUSSYCAT leaves off. Holmes, as Wadd, never has
trouble scoring and every character in every film seems to know who he is by reputation.
Naturally, a sex scene will ensue to keep the legend alive. Holmes scored the statue at the
end of JADE so the bad guys are after it again. CHINA CAT was selected for strictly porn
fan reasons — hottest sex and foxiest female cast. Eileen Wells and Cris Cassidy have a
superior lesbian scene and Eileen asks John later for an anal scene. When he complies,
she screams with delight. Also in the cast are Paula Wain, Desiree Cousteau with John
Seeman and Kyoto Sunn. The series concludes with the Pussycat taped to the top of Wadd’s
office fan. For the record, executive producer Aldrich and producer Damon are the same