ALL ABOUT GLORIA LEONARD (1978) 108 Minutes.
p – Howard A. Howard, d – Gloria Leonard. Cast: Gloria Leonard, Jamie Gillis, Marc
Stevens, Gloria Todd, Ming Toy, Peter (the horse) Andrews, David Morris, R. Bolla,
George Payne and Monica Devon.

This was the second ‘Insider’ film made by Evart Productions. Gloria succeeded Jennifer
and has since been followed by Seka and Annie and Angel and Oral Annie. In terms of
production, this is the slickest of the six. All insider profile films are subject to mixed critical
reaction, basically because they depend upon the appeal of the star. Despite objections to
the contrary it is hard to separate personal feelings from objective evaluation, if you don’t
like the star. Some critics don’t like Gloria and as a result, blasted the film. Others praised
it because they like her. I happen to think she’s more than a bargain and has proven to be
an effective spokesperson and industry leader as President of the AFAA. She’s more of a
feminist than the shrill whiners that hog the platform.

Gloria Leonard, in her late thirties, Publisher of High Society Magazine and a major
supporting actress in dozens of other films, simply plays herself. She recalls some memories
from her life and publishing career and recreates them for the film. Whether they actually
happened, who cares? The sex scenes alternate between hot and heavy and soft and
tender. Key scenes include the black, white and Oriental lesbian threesome, the sandwich
scene with long time friends Marc and Jamie, and the scene with well hung Peter Andrews.
Say what you will, but Gloria is a no-nonsense, gutsy career woman who is very much
her own woman, which is more than can be said of certain other feminists.