Directed by John Stagliano; starring Sabrina, Lauren Brice, Chantel, Brandy Alexandre, Jon Dough, Eric Price and John Stagliano. Videocassette: Evil Angel.

The first Buttman was a slick stroke of fun-bun brilliance; unfortunately, Babes is not completely more of the same. Though it does carry on in the fixation for firm and fleshy lobes of glutei, its obsession does not run quite so deep as the original. The traveling ass-perv conning impressionable sluts into posing pruriently for his video camera is a concept practically as fresh as the first time, but director/cameraman John Stagliano seems to have unaccountably run out of sweat-seat scenarios. Babes has only four or so trysts of fresh footage, to be inexact, compared to Stagliano’s usual seven or nine. The new stuff is uniformly filthy and delicious, with emphasis not only on flexed and clenching cheeks, but also powerful, lean calves supported in spike-heeled shoes, impassioned cock sucking and messy loads of boner bilge blasted onto grinning ginch faces. The balance of Bend Over’s two hours is filled with quick-cut snippets of the hottest rump views of Stagliano’s previous features, prompting more than anything a second look at the cloven row he’s hoed so far.