Directed by J. T. Monroe: starring Tracey Adams, Susan Vegas, Steve Vegas, Randy West, Eric Edwards, Brandy Alexandre, Champagne, Tianna, Mia Sterling, Rick Savage and Tim Johnson. Videocassette: Dreamland

The only thing stopping this from being a red-hot spark for your molten spunk release is that too much time is spent on the stupid plot, which centers around a bitter Randy West trying to get sexy Tracey Adams fired from her talk-radio job after she replaces him. Fast-forward to the second fuck—look for Adams’s great big hooters. This top-heavy beauty gives head like she means it. She engulfs Rick Savage, getting him to pop twice. Pierced-cunt Champagne plays Tracey’s sister, and cock sucking must run in their family because they both can swallow the salami and never mess their makeup doing it. If you like pussy licking, Champagne and Tim Johnson wrap their mouths around Tianna’s partly shaved hole in separate scenes that will stiffen your tongue. Tianna gets so worked up that she starts slapping her own clit. She’s a filthy tart, and goes so far into orbit it’s obvious she’s forgotten there’s a camera there to catch her yanking their fingers out of her cunt to suck them after her sky ripping orgasm. Catch your breath while ugly big-clitted Mia Sterling does her duty in a barroom but be prepared for more heavy breathing when hot-to-trot Brandy Alexandre hops up on the bar and forces her shaved cunt onto dickhead West. He’s not interested in her cunt—”Where’s your bush?” he asks—so she hangs over the bar and gives him a blowjob that could raise the dead. When he finally fucks her, Alexandre’s cunt grabs him and pulls him in. She finishes him in her mouth, and when Brandy sucks ’em, they stay sucked.