BALL BUSTERS (1985) 90 Minutes.
p/d – Alex deRenzy. Cast: John Leslie, Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Joanna Storm, Kelly
Nichols, Gina Carrera, Jacqueline Lorians, Lois Ayres, Jamie Gillis, Dan T. Mann,
Erica Idol and Kirk Wilder.

Ever since CHERYL HANSSON, the great deRenzy has been making loop films, and
at the risk of having my head handed to me, I told him I thought they each had one or two
great scenes and the rest were pretty much routine. BALL BUSTERS is a major improvement
on that record, as the erotic level is maintained almost continually John and Nina rock the
screen with their scene, which was voted XRCO best sex scene of the year. deRenzy also
went into the Hall of Fame at the second XRCO awards show.

Good deRenzy loops are so much better than glossy productions that lose sight of sex.
Opening with a kinky cop 3 way with Lois, Jamie and Dan, John Leslie then narrates the
bridge stuff about his favorite ball busters. Kelly’s 3 way with Erica and Kirk is another
scorcher. Ginger and Dan also hit the jackpot in the age old workman needs a drink set up.
Gina and Jacqueline provide the obligatory lesbian bit and it ends with a tender, but hot,
masturbation number by the always foxy Joanna Storm. Stick it away as a solid sleeper.