CRAZY WITH THE HEAT (1986) 79 Minutes.
p – Bernardo Spineili, w – Rinse Dream, d – Robert McCallum. Cast: Joanna Storm,
Eric Edwards, Tamara Longley, Tantala, Shanna McCullough, Kristara Barrington,
Frank Hollowell, Janette Littledove, Buck Adams, Rene Summers, Steve Drake, Shone
Taylor, Dennis Conan and Ron Jeremy as Snakey.

The long continuous establishing shot that explains the premise may get on your nerves.
Either McCallum was behind schedule or he planned it that way Joanna is a computer
design specialist about to sign a big contract in the presence of husband Eric and Franklin
and Ramona Delmar (Hollowell and Tamara). Suddenly she goes berserk — CRAZY WITH
THE HEAT — and her shocking blatant sexuality causes them to have her hauled away to
a private hospital.

Tantala runs the place, a sex asylum for the very wealthy with a velvet hammer. Joanna
designed the technology that Hollowell adapted for his own purposes and later turns on the
unwitting woman. The sex scenes are more constantly arousing than most of the recent
films, and that is due in no small part to the charm and electric energy of Joanna Storm.
CRAZY ranks second only to FIRESTORM as mandatory viewing for Storm fanatics.
Rinse Dream’s script is filled with smug, snide baiting lines best illustrated by Frank
Hollowell’s theory on sex, “Any man can perform the sex act. It’s too pedestrian for me. I
prefer to create it.” Hollowell has long been an excellent character actor, but few know he
was a major star in sexploitation epics of the sixties. Ron Jeremy has a memorable moment
as the babbling nut case Snakey an absolute oddball. The therapy is as much for Eric on
the outside as Joanna in the hospital. After they orgasm together, writer Dream has one
more trick card.