HOT STUFF (1984) 82 Minutes.
p – Bill Eagle, d – Erik Andersson. Cast: Danielle, Jacqueline Lorians, Joanna Storm,
Cody Nicole, Rhonda Jo Petty, Carol Cross, Tiffany Clark, George Payne, Joey Silvera,
David Scott, Alan Adrian, David Christopher, Johnny Nineteen, Michael Knight,
Dominique and Jonathan Ford.

A superior salvage job by Erik Andersson results in an offbeat, underrated and generally
unknown surprise package of a film. He took some Bill Eagle (BLONDE GODDESS, IN
THE PINK, etc.) globe hopping sex footage, shot some new stuff with the woman who was
born hot (Danielle) and HOT STUFF is the result.

Jonathan Ford (last seen as Louisiana Smith in BLONDE GODDESS) returns as Oklahoma
Crude with Rhode Island Red (Jacqueline Lorians) in some Egyptian desert stuff. Danielle
writes the Smith stories and needs inspiration. She and George start the film off and Carol
Cross and Joey help out later. Good female dominance comes courtesy of Cody Nicole as
the She Wolf of the North Atlantic. Got to get Germans in there somehow.
Time travel is the salvage tool next employed to use some Rhonda Jo Petty footage. The
scene most people remember from this film is the Tiffany Clark ferris wheel amusement
park sex ride. Stylized Joanna Storm and zapping back to 15th century medieval European
castles is when the salvage job gets too confusing. Danielle gets her renewed inspiration
from David Scott, Michael Knight and Spike Adrian before Jacqueline finally represents all
women as the golden love goddess. A patch job for certain, but HOT STUFF lives up to its
title and credit goes to editor Andersson.