p-Jerry Ross, d-Anthony Spinelli. Cast: Jesie St. James, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco,
Cris Cassidy, Sharon Kane, Juliet Anderson, Aaron Stuart, Dorothy LeMay, Holly
McCall and Anthony Spinelli.

This is a superlative film that probably has the finest acting performances from an
entire cast. The plot follows the adventures of Jack and Lenny, played by John Leslie and
Richard Pacheco. Jack is slick, suave, dapper, and while not totally sophisticated, has a
terrific way with the women. He is irresistibly oily. Lenny is slow, slightly retarded, but cheerful
and a good buddy. Jack sets his sights on Jesie St. James, a married woman whose
milk toast husband (Aaron Stuart) refuses to use explicit language. Jack vows to score within
three days, takes residence with Lenny in a vacant house across the street and works on
his game plan.

From that premise, the plot unfolds. She is a film buff and effective usage of Hollywood
film trivia tidbits proves to be the key. That aspect of trivia which runs through the entire
film really makes the dialogue enjoyable. The uniformly fine cast not only performs well
sexually but the acting is top drawer — John and Richard both won awards and Jesie
should have. But the others in smaller roles were just as good. Juliet Anderson as the real
estate broker, Cris Cassidy as the female doctor Jack first scores with, Aaron Stuart as the
chump hubby all stand out. Especially noteworthy is Sharon Kane, as one of Jack’s former
friends and lovers, the one who finally initiates the awkward and confused Lenny into sex.
It is one of the tenderest moments in adult films and contrasts with her scene with Leslie,
which is one of the hottest. Spinelli’s usual cameo is as a vendor.

This is a perfect film for couples and film buffs alike. It contains no lesbian scenes,
something that has become a Jerry Ross trademark. Both Ross (a name used by two
Hollywood filmmakers) and Spinelli have made many sequels of this classic. That is a tribute
to the staying power of the brilliant original. I will admit to a slight error in judgement. In
1980 I called this the 3rd best film of the year — I would now move it into a three way tie
with INSATIABLE and EXPOSED. The films are all different, but each is superb.