Produced and directed by Gregory Dark; written by Gregory Dark and Johnny Jump-Up; starring Lois Ayres, Jack Baker, Paul Thomas, Kevin James, Erica Boyer, Tamara Longley, Kari Foxx, Troy Tannier, Kelli Richards, Steve Powers, Liz Randall, Krista Lane, Ron Jeremy, Patti Petite, Field Marshal Bradey, Robbie Dee, Krislara Barrington, Purple Passion, Marc Wallice and Jim Taylor. Running time: 72 minutes.

Devil in Miss Jones IV: The Final Outrage is the conclusion to filmmaker Gregory Dark’s extraordinary two-part remake of the saga of Justine Jones. Along with DMJ III A New Beginning, this film has masterpiece written all over it. From its outrageous script and excellent acting (but
can Jack Baker actually win a much-deserved award for a nonsex role?) to its scorching sexuality and dazzling technical achievements, this movie is to porn what Niagara is to waterfalls. Picking up where A New Beginning left off, Justine Jones (Lois Ayres), halfway through her journey through hell, is faced with a delicate decision: suck the Rockman’s (Kevin James) cock so he’ll let her proceed, or stand on principle and rot in Hades? Diving on James’s salty stalagmite, Lois barely comes up for air until he’s gotten his rocks off. Safely past this obstacle, Justine is led by her guide, Negro (Baker), to the next level of hell, the Perverse Room, which is peopled .by those who nurtured perverted desires on Earth-and who are now doomed to act them out for an eternity or two. There, Justine observes an astonishing array of dirty deeds being done, including an incredible lesbo-liaison between two sluts (Erica Boyer and Tamara Longley) that’s so hot, it’s a wonder the doubledong connecting their cunts doesn’t melt. Boyer and Longley hrust so hard and with such desperate craving that the dildo which often seems to have a life of its own-disappears inside them as they bump pussies. This remarkable sequence is, arguably, the best lesbian/dildo scene ever filmed.

The next stop is the Racist Room, where Southern belle Patti Petite’s ass and pussy are eternally invaded by the pendulous black cocks of Zulu warriors. Meanwhile, American Nazi Marc Wallice is forced to fuck black and Oriental women to a compelling percussion score highlighted by the sound of a Hitler rally and a haranguing preacher.

After a brief interlude, during which Negro bores her with a story about his dreams of a talking pig’s head and a disembodied dick floating in space, Justine wanders aimlessly into the Taboo Room, where she watches herself fucking her own aged father. Images of her as a child being molested by dear old dad ricochet through her mind. Horrified, she panics and runs toward the exit sign, only to wake up in her own bed. But where is she, really? And what’s Paul Thomas doing there with her?

Find out for yourself. Descend into the pit with Miss Jones. Our lips, as usual, are sealed.