p/d – Larry G. Spangler. Cast: Samantha McLaren, Rick Cassidy, Ric Lutze, John C.
Holmes, Karen Stacy, Keith Erickson, Franklin Anthony, Paula Stone, Sylvia Reasoner,
Betty Hunt and Russell Stover.

Anytime an adult film features an exterior shot of famed Hollywood High School and
a limousine ride down Sunset Boulevard to Beverly Hills, it can’t be all bad. Actually, this (s
one of the borderline films because it has trouble holding up, even though it was the best
Southern California film of the year.

Samantha McClaren plays the well known Happy Hooker in the explicit version of the oft i
filmed celebrity’s career. For those who think McClaren was a one shot wonder, check out i
Chuck Vincent’s HEAVY LOAD. Limited dialogue, sex that is not very graphic, but great’
production values elevate XAVIERA above the other flicks of the era. The typical “be free (
and get it on” attitude reflects the focus of many early films of the relatively new explicit’
era. The early L.A. studs include Erickson in goatee in the car, Lutze after the horse ride,*
Holmes as her first trick and Cassidy at the end. Franklin Anthony is in Mickey Mousketeerl
hat in the triple trick pool table scene. Historical more than hot, but well made and worthy*
of inclusion.