RESURRECTION OF EVE (1973) 82 Minutes.
p/d – Jim and Art Mitchell. Cast: Marilyn Chambers, Matthew Armon, Mimi Morgan,
Johnnie Keyes, Nancy Welch, Kandi Jones, Dale Meador, Jon Martin, Ken Scudder,
Clay Hyde, Damona Marin, Cozy Edmundson, June Richards, Pam Francis and Bentley

RESURRECTION OF EVE remains the finest early West Coast film to deal with serious
subject matter Naturally, it was made by the multi-talented Mitchell Brothers, the premier
Western pioneers. For the benefit of newcomers, they were the Dark Bros, of their day and
then some. Frank Paradise, a hip disc jockey for station KJAM played by Matthew Armon,
and Eve Goodman (Mimi Morgan) are a contemporary couple living together prior to mar
riage. Frank is very active sexually. Eve, who was molested as a 13 year old, is more
reserved, although she does have a sex life with Frank. His senseless jealousy causes her
to become so distraught that she is involved in a serious auto accident.

The ‘resurrected’ Eve, having undergone successful plastic surgery, is played by Marilyn
Chambers. They are soon married, but Frank has trouble adjusting to marriage and longs
for his old life-style. He carps at Eve to join him in the swinging scene. She reluctantly
agrees to attend some group orgies. At first, she Is repulsed, but soon learns to enjoy them
with abandon, much to Frank’s chargrin. Marilyn demonstrates her premier star status with
the incredible way she devours sex on screen. Johnnie Keyes basically plays himself as a
prize fighter. The most interesting feature of the film is matching both Eves, pre and post
accident. The plastic surgery explains the different faces, but the body must be the same.
The choice of Mimi Morgan was a stroke of genius, since she and Marilyn have almost
identical supply firm shapes. Oddball actor Dale Meador plays the demented molester and
Nancy Welsh is the 13 year old Eve.