p/d – Godfrey Daniels. Cast: Marilyn Chambers, Jesie St. James, John Holmes, Serena,
John Leslie, David Morris, Mike Ranger, Richard Pacheco and Joan Turner.

INSATIABLE is a film that had much going for it before its release. Tons of advance
publicity on Marilyn’s first new film in years, her coupling with John Holmes for the first time
ever, and excellent screening reviews. For once, a film with all that hype did not turn out to
be a bust. In fact, in light of its hugh box-office appeal and thunderous video sales, it has
become a clear cut favorite of the American public. Despite any of this, INSATIABLE also
happens to be one of the very best adult films ever made.

Marilyn plays Sandra Chase, a wealthy model whose parents have died in an accident.
With all her fortune, she is unfulfilled sexually and troubled by recurring dreams. The story
is confided to her Auto Victoria, and in flashbacks, she relives her early sexual encounters
and recent affairs that have made her the frustrated little rich girl she has become.
There are only five major sex scenes in the film. But fewer scenes does not mean less
eroticism. The film moves very quickly because each scene is jam-packed with action.
Marilyn’s lesbian water scene with Serena and the much talked about pool table scene with
David Morris (where she loses her virginity) are superior The second best scene is the one
that does not involve Marilyn. Jesie St. James and John Leslie make love outside while
Marilyn secretly watches.

Production values are superb, with helicopter footage and location photography in England
and the U. S. The music is typically Godfrey Daniels fantastic, and when Marilyn sings the
theme song, “Shame On You,” the tone is fully established — this will be a great movie
The end result does not disappoint. The climax builds to Marilyn in a fantasy sequence with
John Holmes, Mike Ranger and Jesie that is guaranteed to deliver eroticism and displaying
Marilyn’s most considerable sexual talents. It has gained status as an all time classic and
has very strong identification appeal for women. Even though some scenes may seem
sexist, remember that Marilyn is In total control at all times and her character wants it that
way. Some films drag on forever, but INSATIABLE flies through its 80 minutes running time
without a moment of boredom.