BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN (1980) 87 Minutes.
d – John Seeman. Cast: Dorothy LeMay, Jack Wright, Jesie St. James, Seka, John
Leslie, Suzannah French, Fay Burd, Lysa Thatcher, Diana Holt, Lisa K. Loring, Billy
Dee, Herschel Savage, Mick South, Ken Scudder, Cris Cassidy, Lynn Lucas, Amber
Roe, Anna Vaiko, Holly McCall, Max Devo and John Seeman.

Actor/stud John Seeman’s first film as a director is a totally wonderful sex comedy with
hot sex scenes to accompany the offbeat aphrodisiac plot. The cast is chock full of big
name, not so big name (but always hot) and cult San Francisco ladies of the late seventies.
The film is both inoffensive to women and can still be called a rain coater’s delight.
The nonsense plot involves PQM2, an aphrodisiac that hustler Herbert C. Abernathy
played by Jack Wright, slides onto the market. The stuff works such wonders that by the
end, radio commentary offers anything for a remaining bottle. Director Seeman floods the
screen with stars ranging from cathouse Madam Seka to cult star Diana Holt in a slow,
cryptic erotic scene with Herschel and the music. Rarely have ten hot ladies appeared in
the same film. Some are uncredited but the cast list above includes them all. Rain coaters
can have a field day trying to spot them, and if they are lucky enough to have a woman
with them, she won’t get bummed out by this superior sex comedy.