YOUNG DOCTORS IN LUST (1982) 81 Minutes.
p/d – Lawrence T. Cole. Cast: John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Cris Cassidy, Sharon Kane,
TJ. Carson, Holly Joy, Holly McCall, Valerie Darlyn, Radio Ray Wells, Mike Horner,
Jonathan Younger, Mike Ranger and David Morris.

This is a rain coater’s delight — clearly one of the finest non-stop sex films of the eighties
and included for those who say I don’t appreciate good wall-to-wall raunchy filth. Although
it was made some years back, (probably 78 or 79) and credited to Darr Michaels, release
by Lawrence T. Cole did not occur till 1982. Forget the credits and the plot and simply enjoy
pure sex of the highest doctor-nurse-sex clinic patient calibre.

The major thing this film has to offer is the female cast. You may know the leads (Cris
Cassidy and Sharon Kane) but the others are all classic examples of some real beauties
and hot ladies who drifted into the business, made a few films and happily disappeared to
places like Colorado or who knows where. They are Betsy Ward (that’s the credited name
but it’s actually TJ. Carson of TABOO fame), Holly McCall (NOTHING TO HIDE), Valerie
Darlyn (SERENA, FANTASYWORLD, SMALLTOWN GIRLS, etc.) and Holly Joy (the small
breasted lead from DAISY MAY). Choice cuts of raunch featuring the standard stock of
studs plus black star Jonathan Younger.

One other piece of history deserves mention. This older feature was one of the flagship
films for Lawrence T Cole’s Now Showing Video, which has become one of the more
successful smaller video companies. Cole is the man that shot the infamous Linda Lovelace
New York loops in 1969 (including DOGARAMA) and one day he will come forward to
completely discredit Linda Boreman Lovelace Marchiano. The time is not right at present
but it will happen.