PEEPING TOM (1986) 82 Minutes.
p – Bernardo Spineili, w – Rinse Dream, d – Robert McCalium. Cast: Jerry Butler,
Kimberly Carson, Kristara Barrington, Nina Hartley, Buck Adams, Shanna McCul
lough, Tracey Adams, Joey Silvera, Leslie Winston, Honey Wilder, Jon Martin, Nick
Random, Robert Bullock, Sheri St. Claire and Ross Roberts.

Rinse Dream as interpreted by Robert McCallum. Rinse made NIGHTDREAMS and
CAFE FLESH, the ultimate cult adult films but too unconventional for morons. His script
was filmed by McCallum, who is a great cinematographer and a more traditional eroticist.
The results are better suited to mainstream adult audiences.

The story is a rough translation of “Jackie Charge,” a legitimate stage play written by
Dream and Herbert Day Jerry Butler plays William Burke, a successful investment magnate
with a nightmarish secret. He is a peeper, a voyeur, a tormented pathetic fellow with a
compulsion to watch. Kimberly Carson plays his shrink, Dr. Crowell, as well as a mysterious
pale conscience figure. The film was almost titled THE WOMAN IN WHITE.

An all star cast cranks out some really decent sex scenes and don’t be put off by the
stylized antiseptic Joey/Shanna opener. It’s the only one of the CAFE FLESH kind. Joey
even looks like Johnny Rico. Tracey Adams has emerged as one of the rare beauties of
the mid-eighties. The ending is predictable, but getting there is half the fun. Along the way
Jerry peers at a scene that rates as the hottest of the year. Buck Adams and incomparable
Nina Hartley turns back the clock to the golden age with a pulsating pumping sex session
complete with a double pop shot. This once a year moment of pure heat makes the entire
film a bargain.