She became known as “Library Girl” after a webcam video featuring an amateur performance in the Oregon State University student library went viral in 2015. In 2020, she signed a contract with the production company Brazzers.

Sunderland signed up for a webcam site in October 2014 and made hundreds of dollars per day. She was suggested by a user to perform in a public place to earn more money and used the Oregon State University library facility, where she exposed her breasts and masturbated. An unknown person recorded the video and uploaded it to Pornhub, where it subsequently went viral.

Due to the circumstances, she did not expect to use her real name in her adult career. The University later expelled her and banned her from campus; the cam website also banned her and she faced criminal charges for public indecency and a fine of over $6,000. She pleaded guilty to the charges and paid a $1,000 fine.

She moved to Los Angeles to have a professional career in the adult industry. She won a fan award for “Nicest Tits” at the inaugural Pornhub Awards in 2018, for which rapper Kanye West made sweatshirt merchandise. In 2023, her contract with Vixen Media Group ended and she began performing as a free agent for other companies.