p – Sandra Winters, d – Edwin Durell. Cast: John Leslie, Lois Ayres, Nina Hartley, Paul
Thomas, Keli Richards, Kari Foxx, Troy Tanier and Misha Garr.

Another sequel, derived from one of the ten best adult films ever, attempts the impossible.
But like THE ECSTASY GIRLS II, EWF 2 can be categorized as far better than those sequels
simply trying to capitalize and resulting in routine porn during the execution phase. The
problem here is trying to replace the career performance of Rachel Ashley and that magic
chemistry that she and John Leslie developed. Lois Ayres is the sequel star of the ’80s
(EWF 2 and DMJ 3 and 4) and turns out to be better than expected. Director Edwin changed
his surname to Durell but lost none of his ability to direct erotic sex or to musically score a film.
This is JACK ‘N’ JILL ultimately realized. The creative game playing continues now that
Teh is a successful author — the twist opening and the limosine ride are erotically intense
moments handled beautifully where other films might achieve normally raunchy stuff. Paul
and Keli play Bob and Carol, TV hosts who visit for spin the bottle switching. The highlight
is a bonus for lingerie lovers and a treat for tease freaks. It features Kari, Troy and combustible
Nina Hartley The music throughout is simply superb. I’ve talked to critics who find this film
better than the ohginal and critics who find this a pale imitation. That’s the trouble with
sequels. I don’t think it matches the scope of the classic, but comes close to moments of
intensity and is a better erotic film than detractors give credit for.