ERUPTION (1977) 82 Minutes.
p/d – Stanley Norvell and Jack Mathew. Cast: Leslie Bovee, John C. Holmes, Susan
Hart, Eric Evol, Gene Clayton, Carry Welton, Wynne Colburn, Wilt Torrance, Bernard
Addison and Tracy Valdis.

The adult film world version of the 1944 Barbara Stanwyck — Fred MacMurray classic
DOUBLE INDEMNITY This film proves several things. John Holmes can act, as he
demonstrates in the role of Peter Winston, the insurance man drawn into the murder conspiracy
by Sandy Bevin (Leslie Bovee) who is out to off her husband. Secondly, John can do his
own stunts, and the underwater scenes were indeed performed by the King. Thirdly, a
strenuous three week shooting schedule on location in Hawaii can result in an adult master
piece, containing all the story and production complaining viewers crave. Finally Leslie
Bovee is a voluptuous dynamo and her sand and surf romp with John on the beach shows
that gynecology ‘monster’ shots can be erotic.

The fly in the ointment is Bovee’s daughter Angle (Susan Hart, but not the ’80s video
vixen). She scores with The Wadd before he does the dirty deed and figures prominently
in the double dealing denouement. Her friend in the gym is one-shot performer Carry Welton,
a perfect cross between Fay Burd, Sandi Pinney and Christine Kelly Wilt Torrance has an
interesting and offbeat non-sex role as Jackson, the investigator who plays it far dumber
than he is.

Don’t put down the Golden Age of adult cinema until you have seen the universally
acclaimed classics. ERUPTION has plot, production, hot sex and location photography
that’s unbeatable. Only a picky purist who likes a particular star or stars is going to put this
one down. And as for John and his acting ability I’m tired of hearing about it. No one gave
David Niven grief for not having a huge penis. In most films, John’s writers never give him
lines like “the sting of the bumblebee is deadly but the charm of the bumblebee will kill you.”
Here they do.